Most individuals especially women try to follow a low calorie diet to stay fit and look good. But eating healthy does not mean you have to forget all your favorite desserts and sweets. Counting calories is most important when you want to stay healthy. This is the rule not only for elderly people, but also for the young who wish to look elegant and attractive while maintaining good health.

Low Calorie Desserts

Low Calorie Desserts

Desserts are a must in most families especially during festivals and happy occasions. Can you give away your Chocolate Birthday Cake that you love so much because you are on a low calorie diet? It will be too painful to see everyone enjoying the yummy slices excepting yourself. But nothing of all this anymore! No sacrifices or omissions of your favorite desserts as here are some of the best low calorie desserts that you will love.

The most important thing about following strict dietary charts that are low in calories is that you must know which foods or ingredients have what amount of calories. We often think that anything sweet has a lot of calories and so avoid them. In this way however, we omit some of the essential elements of food that are necessary for a healthy living. If you baking at home get the low calorie ingredients that act as substitutes for may be sugar or butter.

If you are really fond of desserts but are health conscious try out the low calorie desserts
given below. You will surely love them and feel satisfied that you will in no way put on weight.

1.A refreshing dessert made of sliced oranges, honey and mint mixed with low-fat yoghurt is not only tasty but is healthy as well as it contains fiber, protein and carbohydrate.

2.Fruit salads topped with a scoop of sugar-free and gluten-free ice cream will surely satisfy your taste buds.

3.You can also taste the custard pie. It contains buttercup squash, orange rinds that can be baked to make a light and creamy dessert. Roasted fresh squash offers a unique flavor and vibrant color that gives the dessert an attractive look. You can use tinned or frozen squash. When served with ginger cream the dessert is too tasty to share with anyone.

4.Walnut Cake with a hint of Rosemary is a low calorie dessert that you can enjoy often as the flour used to bake this variety of cake is the low-fat flour and sugar substitutes.
5.You can taste the Spiced Orange Compote. This dessert is made from spiced oranges that are not only juicy but have great food value and are low in calories. It can be served chilled in a bowl or with angel food cake. The color is so interesting that you will want to try this new sweet dish.

Another way to enjoy the desserts that you love is by counting the calories that you intend to consume a day. If most of the foods that you eat are low in calories, you can easily balance the count by enjoying that dessert which is high in calories like the butterscotch cake or the chocolate sundae topped with full cream and hot chocolate.

However fruit-based desserts are the best in all ways. You can enjoy the low calorie dessert with a tension-free mind and that adds to your satisfaction all the more.

Low Calorie Desserts

Low Calorie Desserts

Desserts that contain fruits like apples, pears, strawberries and water-melons are the best as they are low calorie fruits and extremely tasty. If you are fond of dairy-based desserts, go for those sweets that are made from skimmed milk.

Here are 3 simple recipes that are alternatives for low calorie desserts:

-The strawberry Sundae has 280 calories but you simply love the taste. As an alternative to this yummy high-calorie dessert, make your own sweet-dish by using Greek yogurt on top of a layer of fruits of your choice including strawberries topped with chopped nuts. It will contain only 100 calories and so you stay safe.

-You can enjoy the Cheese Cake that is made especially with low fat graham cracker, goat cheese with cinnamon and cranberry.

-The Apple-Carrot Cake is also low in calories as the ingredients used in baking this cake contains sugar substitutes, margarine, fresh fruits that have their own sugar contents, low cream butter and cornstarch.

If you are not a diabetic or over-weight, it is not necessary for you to eat only low calorie desserts always. By maintaining a balance in your calorie-intake you can stay fit and healthy and look charming as well.

There are innumerable magazines available at the stores that offer regular recipes on low calorie diet and low calorie desserts. Trying them at home is a good idea. But always check the labels of the canned fruits or other ingredients that you buy for information regarding calories.

Low Calorie Dessert Recipes

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