It’s the adorable dessert that makes ladies get themselves away from dinner who are loyal to sweets. However, to those people who hold the concept of “slimming”, excessive food calories would be the most entangled thing. Then, for dessert, how to eat healthy?

Dessert Is A True Love For Women

Although dessert would not be the exclusive food for women, it is a food that aggregates their pure love, some say the reason why they love desserts to their bones is because women are born to prefer sweet talk. The good thing about dessert is the delicacy that eases the mood and cures the depression of people who reward themselves with chocolate, cake, pudding or cheese as a little “gift”. As a person who is addicted to sweets just like you, I’m more than a dessert lover, I’m yet a person who pays high attention to health. Rather than wallowing in money, I might as well enjoy the happiness of eating a dessert after dinner.

But I’m very “picky” on sugar content, fat mass and net calories of desserts that I eat. Lots of people think that dessert must be super high in fat and sweetness, but I wonder why you have this kind of impression, actually things are not like that, the real green, healthy dessert is not merely yummy but also low in calories. However, to me who is sick of artificial sweeteners and spices for flavor, it is not an easy thing to find proper and low calorie desserts. I would rather not eat any desserts if you ask me to eat those containing many chemical additives and pigments.

Proper “Dessert Eating Plan”

To most people who feel hard to make an eating plan it is important to set out a scientific and proper diet that is not merely able to waste money on food but also a good life style, especially to those who are very weak in front of desserts. I’ve tried to buy a dozen of desserts for different flavors within consecutive days, just to comfort my fragile feelings caused by lovesick. And it came out that my weight is increasing while my wallet is shrinking. You’ll be just accustomed to the food waste and health nocuousness if haven’t got a good eating plan.

Many people make mistakes on “Hunger Shopping” which means when you feel hungry, you will forget what you want initially. Especially for those who are not sophisticated in planning, they only grab foods that look not bad in case of breaking into a grocery store, and that mistake will come again when you are losing control. So I advise that before you go to the bakery or dessert shop, draw up a simple list for the sorts and components of desserts that you want, and then purchase the desserts on list just at a time you are neither hungry nor happy. People will buy desserts that have fine looks and yummy flavors unintentionally, so it needs to plan well for even healthy and low fat desserts have fearful calories in all.

Healthy desserts recommended by gourmet guru:

Grilled fruit

For me, I like grilled apples, pears and peaches the best. Most importantly they are desserts with low calories, I think if you can add some brown sugar or honey, or if combined with seasonings like cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg or lilac, and even chili, the taste would be better. And if you make grilled fruits coupled with a little bit butter or cream, it brings you a smoother flavor, but notice not to add too much, a trace is enough.


Sherbet is a manually concocted soft drink that mixes distilled water with juice, and it is made of fruit that got the non-fat green drink. If you have the habit of eating desserts, sherbet would be the exact choice for substituting for ice cream. And it’s good for vegans and people disgusted with sugar. For another, sherbet takes on calories only one-fifth of ice cream.


Or you can make crackers with whole wheat flour and other raw ingredients. A low calorie cheese cake is formed by combining cheese, dried fruit, nuts and crackers. Or you can scrape some dark chocolate on the crackers, coupled with cheese or hazelnuts, this kind of dessert is super high in natural nutrients and super low in calories.

Healthy recipe: Cinnamon roasted sweet potato

Cinnamon roasted sweet potato
Serving: 4
Time taken: one and half and hour
Ingredients: 2 sweet potatoes, 4 tbsps black sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder, 1cup white wine
Nutrient components: 130 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, 26g carbohydrates, zero protein, 5g dietary fiber, 4mg sodium, 220mg potassium (dietary fiber is equivalent to 20 percent of everyday intake)

1.    Heat oven to 347F
2.    Peel off the sweet potatoes and cut into strips
3.    Place sweet potatoes in a glass ovenware, mix with black sugar
4.    Sprinkle cinnamon powder and pour white wine on sweet potatoes
5.    Wrap them with a sliver paper and bake for almost an hour
6.    Let it cool