You should give up all the desserts if you were affected by diabetes??? No, that’s not real! Many people think that patients with diabetes can’t eat dessert, in their minds that diabetic patients can eat sugarless white bread but sugary yogurt, sugar-free cake but apple with fruit sugar. However, recent researches show that whether a sort of food is sweet has no absolute relation with the increasing of blood sugar. Patients with diabetes can eat food with sugar properly if only be cautious in the selection.

After eating sugary and starchy food, the blood glucose level of ours will rise to some extent, and that’s an important reason why diabetic patients cannot choose sugary food. But, many foods that can rapidly increase our blood sugar are not sweet foods. For example, rice has a stronger ability to raise blood sugar than apple, because apple takes on relatively abundant pectin which can delay the absorption of sugar, similarly white bread has a better capability to raise blood sugar than honey, while steamed bread and snack food will soon raise your blood sugar even there is no sweetness in them. Professionals on diabetes said that too much sugar will reduce the nutrient density of food, which is harm to our health, but it does not mean that all sugary foods are bad for our health. Foods and drinks such as sweet beverages may lead to obesity and a risk of increasing high cholesterol. But fruit, dried fruit, yogurt and other foods with sugar is still beneficial for our health.

So you know that you can still eat dessert! But be a little cautious and you can use many strategies to let dessert appear in your diet plan! Here are a few examples:
1. Use sugar substitutes in dessert.
2. Reduce the consumption of dessert. For example, share ice cream with your friends, so that your consumption of ice cream will be reduced to one ball instead of two balls
3. Make dessert a reward of following your diet plan.
4. Make dessert more nutritious. For example, when making desserts, use whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetable oil as ingredients
5. Enlarge your dessert concept. Try fruit, whole grain crackers, yogurt instead of ice cream, pie and cake.

And now let’s see what we can make for patients with diabetes?

#1. Xylitol Butter Cookies

500g butter, 2 eggs, 800g low protein flour, 2g salt, 400g xylitol, a droplet natural vanilla extract

Time taken: 35-45mins

☆ In a bowl whisk softened butter (soften butter with temperature higher than 75.2F if in winter)
☆ Beat xylitol to small particles
☆ Add powdered sugar and stir until mixed
☆ Whip until a little pale
☆ Add well-beaten egg wash and vanilla and mix until it’s well incorporated
☆ Add sifted flour and salt
☆ Let the paste sit for a while until well absorbed
☆ Put the paste into a pastry bag and squeeze out little pastes
☆ Preheat oven to 356F, bake in the middle layer for 20 minutes

Xylitol Butter Cookies

#2. Curry Pastry

Ingredients: 200g minced pork, 180g onions, 4g salt, 10g low protein flour, 7g curry, 75g high protein flour, 75g low protein flour, 60g butter, 70g water, 10g xylitol, 160g low protein flour, 75g butter

Time taken: 90mins

☆ In a pot stir-fry minced pork until pale, add onions, xylitol and salt and stir rapidly until mixed
☆ Add low protein flour and curry, stir dry and plate it
☆ For the crust: Blend high & low protein flours, butter, xylitol and water well
☆ Knead well and rub until glossy and non-sticky
☆ Package with a plastic wrap and let loosen for 10 minutes
☆ For the pastry: Mix low protein flour and butter
☆ Knead and rub until well incorporated and non-sticky with gloss
☆ Divide the crust and pastry into 16 equal parts
☆ Fold each pastry with each crust
☆ Close the opening
☆ Pat the pastry dough into a flat one, roll the pastry from middle to up & down sides
☆ Roll the pastry from the top downward
☆ Roll again just from middle to up & down sides
☆ Roll and cover it with a plastic wrap, and loosen for 10 minutes
☆ For the curry pastry: Place the pastry with opening upward, and roll it from middle to four sides
☆ Package it with curry pork filling and close the opening slowly with your hands
☆ Press it gently with your thumb
☆ Close the crust opening
☆ Roll them to round flat balls, put the balls into ovenware with opening downward, brush with egg wash
☆ Sprinkle a little black sesame, preheat oven to 428F and bake in the middle layer for 20 minutes

Curry Pastry

#3. Yellow Peach Jam

5 yellow peaches, 180g enzyme

Time taken: 20-35mins

☆ Rinse and peel off the yellow peaches
☆ Remove the stones of 400g yellow peaches and cut into cubes
☆ Add 120g enzyme and mix well
☆ Blend into yellow peach mash
☆ Cut 200g yellow peaches into cubes
☆ Add 60g enzyme and blend well
☆ In a stainless steel bowl put in yellow peach mash and cubes and refrigerate for 3 hours
☆ Boil the mix then turn to low heat and cook slowly
☆ Do not stir in the cooking, cook until transparent and dense
☆ Let a little cool and package it in a bottle for storage

Yellow Peach Jam

#4. Pumpkin Toast

Ingredients: 1 pumpkin, 200g high protein flour, 20g egg wash, 100g milk, 4g salt, 2g enzyme, 1tbsp dried yeast, 20g sugar, 30g butter, a little scallion & floss & sesame

Time taken: 35-45mins

☆ For the pumpkin mash: Peel off the pumpkin and steam for 20 minutes, blend to pumpkin mash
☆ Store in fridge for 30 minutes
☆ Add dried yeast until dissolved, add salt until expanded then add butter
☆ Divide it into 3 equal parts and roll each into a ball, loosen for 15 minutes
☆ Pat the dough to let the air out
☆ Roll it long, and turn over, fold in from one-third of the two sides, roll it long again
☆ Roll them and put into a toast box
☆ Ferment until 80% done, brush with water, preheat oven to 374F and bake in middle-low layer for 38 minutes
☆ Cover them with silver paper when coloring
☆ Remove from the oven and demould

Pumpkin Toast

#5. Mango Pancake

Ingredients: 1 egg, 120g milk, 10g butter, 45g low protein flour, 100ml light cream, 2 bulks mango fleshes, 30g enzyme

Time taken: 20-35mins

☆ In a bowl blend egg and enzyme
☆ Sift low protein flour and add in egg wash and mix
☆ Pour the melted butter into the paste and let sit for half an hour
☆ Heat a pan with slow fire, pour a spoon of paste, shake the pan to make the paste thin and round, keep stir-fry until condensed and take it out and let cool
☆ Whip light cream and 20 enzyme until glossy and stiff
☆ Set a thin crust, add proper cream and a slice of mango, package well

Mango Pancake

#6. Cream Pumpkin Pie

30ml fresh cream, 90g pumpkin, 1 slice crush, 30g enzyme, a little egg wash

Time taken: 45-60mins

☆ Soften the crust and roll it into a rectangle
☆ Cut into a 15x7cm long strip, and put it with the remaining crust into the fridge for freezing
☆ For the pumpkin filling: Steam pumpkin and roll it into mash, add enzyme and mix until melted, let cool and stir in fresh cream
☆ Take out the long strip crusts and place them on the baking paper-covered ovenware, pour the cream pumpkin mash into a pastry bag and squeeze onto the long strips with a distance of 1.5cm to separate
☆ Cut the remaining crust into long strips and place them on the cream & pumpkin filling, shape it into areola, stick strips and crust with egg wash
☆ Trim the four edges, brush a layer of egg wash and let sit for 20 minutes, preheat oven to 428F and bake for approximately 20 minutes until golden and brown

Cream Pumpkin Pie

#7. Matcha Marble Crackers

75g butter, 1 egg, 10g matcha powder, 180g low protein flour, 75g enzyme

Time taken: 45-60mins

☆ Add enzyme per 3 times in softened butter and whip until expanded and pale
☆ Beat egg into egg wash and add it into butter paste per 3 times, each time mix well
☆ Sift low protein flour and add it into the butter paste, mix and knead dough
☆ Take out one third dough and mix it with matcha powder
☆ Pile the tow dough and knead to a dough with a marble pattern
☆ Knead dough into long strip and cover it with plastic wrap
☆ Place it in a mould and freeze for more than 30 minutes
☆ Strip the plastic wrap and cut the dough into 0.5cm slices
☆ Preheat oven to 365F and bake in the middle layer for 15 minutes
☆ Let cool

Matcha Marble Crackers

#8. Pumpkin Chiffon Cake

Ingredients: 5 egg whites, a few droplets white vinegar, 10g corn flour, 4 egg yolks, 65g salad oil, 65g milk, 90g low protein flour, 60g enzyme,75g pumpkin mash

Time taken: 35-45mins

☆ Peel off the pumpkin and cut into cubes
☆ Steam for 20 minutes and blend into mash
☆ For the egg yolk paste: Mix milk and salad oil and whisk it with an electric mixer
☆ Add egg yolks one by one
☆ Add in 75g pumpkin mash and blend well
☆ Sift in low protein flour and mix well
☆ For the egg white paste: Measure 60g enzyme for using
☆ Add egg whites with a few vinegar and corn flour
☆ Whip it to a foam with an electric mixer, add one third sugar
☆ Continue to whip until dense then add another one third sugar
☆ Whip again to soft peak then add the remaining sugar
☆ Whip the egg whites to a stiff peak
☆ Mix one third egg white paste into egg yolk paste
☆ Pour the remaining egg white paste into egg yolk paste and mix
☆ Pour the paste into mould and shake for a few times to let go of the bubbles
☆ Preheat oven to 338F and bake in middle/bottom layer for 45 minutes
☆ Rotate instantly after out and demould after cool

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake

#9. Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Ingredients: 250g cream cheese, 150g pumpkins, 1 egg yolk, 1 egg, 60g butter, 30ml milk, 100g digestive biscuits, 60g enzyme

Time taken: 90mins

☆ Soften cream cheese before hours
☆ Steam pumpkin cubes into mash
☆ Package the digestive biscuits and beat to powder-like particles
☆ Melt butter with ovenware, stir in biscuits particles
☆ Pour the butter/biscuits into mould, press hard with a spoon, store in fridge for at least half and hour until stiffened
☆ Add enzyme in softened cream cheese and whip it with an electric mixer until smooth and glossy
☆ Add egg and egg yolk per several times, each time blend well
☆ Mix pumpkin mash and cream cheese paste well
☆ Pour milk at last and mix well
☆ Pour the mix into mould with biscuits on the bottom, add hot water into the ovenware
☆ Preheat oven to 320F and bake for about an hour until condensed with surface golden and brown
☆ Let cool and put into fridge for half a day then demould

Pumpkin Cheese Cake