Many girls like to eat sweets, which results in weight gain and is mainly caused by the high calorie of sweets. How could this type of girls lose weight? Common method to lose weight is to change their eating habits of addicting to sweets. But now, as long as you follow the three diets to lose weight, you can not only enjoy the delicious sweets, but also you can lose weight and worry no more about your weight.

1. CARNIVOROUS DIET. The theory is that by forbidding eating starch and sweets, blood glucose is reduced to stimulate the body to break down fat and provide calories, thereby it can achieve the aim to burn fat and lose weight.

However, in the process of burning fat, the amount of “acetone” raises to stimulate urination. It has only a part of fat that is lost during the weight loss, over half is excess moisture. Since the method is very simple, just eat pure meat and lots of vegetables, quit starch, sugar and in no need of go hungry, you can successfully lose at least 5 pounds in one week, so it is very popular.

Notice: if you take pure meat diet as a normal eating habit for a long run, it will make cholesterol very much high and lead to heart or blood vessel problems, and human body will create harmful substances when breaking down fat and protein, which greatly increases the burden on kidneys and liver, long-term consumption of meat will lead to adequate water deficiency, so it is only suitable for once a month. In addition, a failure to adaptation of a large amount of fat from neat by our stomach will stimulate our intestine and thus faeces will become pulpy, plus lost of vegetables and water intake, together will redouble to stimulate peristalsis of our intestines, which is particularly suitable for those people who suffer from constipation.

2. CHOCOLATE WEIGHT-LOSS METHOD. Cocoa substance in chocolate is able to relieve stress and prevent overeating next time caused by a poor mood when people feel a little bit irritability. To eat small amounts of chocolate before meals will get satisfaction, your dinner eating will naturally be reduced. Only about 4 or 5 sequent days you can achieve your purpose of losing weight.
Notice: Avoid eating chocolate when you have a full stomach or as a midnight snack, because its energy is immediately converted into fat, the other one is to avoid to eat other snacks except chocolate.

3. ICE CREAM SLIMMING METHOD. This method is based on a daily cup of ice cream instead of dinner everyday, because ice cream contains nutrients of milk, and a cup of 120ml ice cream contains only 250 kcal calories which is far less than dinner.
Notice: Do not use is long-term for it will lead to malnutrition of the human body.

People are always concerned about what they eat, but they forget to notice what they drink will affect the result of weight loss. Choose a proper drink will increase metabolism of the body and thus achieve the purpose of losing weight. So here I want to share with you some drinks that will soon help you lose weight within months. Watch out what you eat and what you drink can fully help you lose weight in a better and easier way.


Ingredients: banana, balsam pear, apple, peach honey
73 calories
Best drink time: with whole wheat bread for breakfast
Balsam pear contains a wealth of vitamin B and C, which is a best drink for detoxification, with high cellulose banana, both will help the peristalsis of intestines and enhance the body immunity; peach honey is functioned as a moderation of balsam pear, not only add the drink a better taste, but also will help detoxification.

Banana & balsam pear juice


Ingredients: winter melon, apple, lime
219 calories
Best drink time: at afternoon tea
Apple contains a unique malic acid which can accelerate metabolism and reduce lower body fat; lime contains rich citric acid which can promote the secretion of gastric juice and bowel movements, help relax the bowels; winter melon is rich in alcohol acid that can effectively control the sugar to convert into fat and prevent the accumulation of body fat, and is also able to consume the excess fat, the three combined together will enhance our appetite and slim our beauty.

Winter melon apple juice


Ingredients: rape, kiwi, lemon juice
94 calories
Best drink time: after morning breakfast
Rape is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and calcium which help enzyme activity. Kiwi is rich with vitamins to keep your body in a healthy state. And the juice contains rich enzyme which is able to improve the body metabolism for weight loss. Especially to drink the juice in morning will easily improve physical fitness, clean the intestines, and let weight loss become simple and easy.

Rape kiwi juice


Ingredients: carrots
147 calories
Best drink time: 1 hour before lunch
Carrot juice is able to relieve the accumulated toxins and waste in the body. As fresh carrot juice into the human digestive system, it will make blood alkaline, dissolve and excrete the accumulated toxins in the cells. Besides, carrot juice can increase a person’s appetite and resistance to infection, and improve the health of the entire body.

Carrot juice


Ingredients: banana, milk, bamboo salt
405 calories
Best drink time: before dinner
Banana contains B-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron. It helps digestion, prevent constipation, cure throat disease, anemia and other diseases. After mixed with milk, it will add the juice with more nutrition and speed up the exclusion of fat.

Banana milk