Sugar is a taboo for most of the diet-conscious who think that it is the important element to gain weight, so many of them choose sugar-free food to keep slim, does sugar-free food really make people lose weight? And eating desserts with sugar would lead to obesity without a doubt?

First we should figure out what is sugar. Sugar, as one of the important components to form the body, accounts for only 2 percent in our bodies, however, sugar that food provides us and that our organisms need is far more than protein and fat. From the perspective of modern nutrition, a normal person’s energy comes from three main parts: carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Actually sugar is synonymous to carbohydrates, thus in nutritional composition sheet of food, the content of carbohydrates generally represents the sugar content of food. Sugar surely becomes the main energy source for human bodies.

Polysaccharide: starch, glycogen
Disaccharide: maltose, sucrose, lactose
Monosaccharide: glucose, fructose, galactose

Generally speaking, glucose in fruit and honey belongs to monosaccharide, sucrose belongs to disaccharide, fiber and glycogen (exists in animals) belongs to polysaccharide. The sugar that we daily eat is actually the common name of disaccharide and monosaccharide, both of which are easy to be digested by human bodies and can increase the blood sugar in our bodies after eating.

Nutritionists said that people who want to eat sugar but are afraid of gaining weight can eat a little after meals, which would help lose weight instead of gaining weight. And some other nutritionists claimed that to eat desserts containing sugar after meals is healthier than to eat chocolate at afternoon tea, because the dietary fiber that is ingested previously is able to reduce the speed of sugar absorption, so that is able to reduce the intake of sugar content, it could be concluded that eat proper sugary food is just right.

In addition, nutritionists warn us that do not eat too much sugar when you have an empty stomach, if you eat too much, it is likely to increase stomach acid and lead to unhealthy of your stomach. If you want to eat sugar, better choose fruit, try to eat less chocolate and candies. Of course, less is better, no matter what you eat, eat less. And the key is to choose beneficial sucrose food and enjoy slowly. So, in our common food, which ones are those good quality sucrose food?


There is no other choice but cane for the best quality sucrose food. Especially the yellow cane, it contains the most sucrose accounting for 18 percent to 20 percent, and it is easy to be absorbed by human body and we can get energy for supplement. In addition, cane contains many vitamins and nutrients, and plenty iron, calcium and other elements the human body needs, very helpful for adjusting acid-base balance and keeping slim.


Apple is the good quality food that you can eat many. Apple, a rich source of potassium, is able to combine itself with extra sodium salt in human body, in order to release it out from our bodies, beneficial to balance electrolyte and helpful to change your body into a lean physique. Apple also can increase the blood circulation and thus can speed up the weight loss.


Watermelon is sweet and rich in sucrose, but they are all good quality sucrose, you can be rest assured and have no worry about obesity. Watermelon has plenty of water content that could supplement moisture for the body. At the mean time, amino acid in watermelon can increase the discharge of urine that could maintain the normal function of kidney and help get rid of dropsy.


Chocolate must be one of the favorite foods for girls. Eating chocolate could not merely make you happy, but also help you to lose weight. Certainly, do not eat too much! The anti-oxidation material Catechins improves the growing of muscle, balances the hormone, and reduces over-eating. So, from comprehensive angle, chocolate is beneficial to keep fit.


Beets are able to be the productive ingredients for sucrose and white sugar, it could be seen that how much sugar it contains. But you can be relaxed too to enjoy beets as the cold dish or soup. Beets are easy to digest and rich in fiber, which could be very helpful for bowel evacuation and fat reduction.


Dark sugar is a very good food for diet-conscious, and it has the function to supplement blood and relieve pain, so in your daily diet, you can add some dark sugar to maintain the normal metabolism, slow the aging process and keep a good figure.


You need not avoid sweet desserts even in a period of losing weight, because it could not affect your result of weight loss, in contrast, the sucrose in sweets will help supplement the energy that you need to fight with the obesity.


Chew a candy if you feel life is a little bitter. Candy, as a snack that has the great quantity of sucrose, will be able to stabilize your mood and fast supplement blood sugar, eat some coconut candies or vitamin candies would reduce the slow metabolism that is generated by fatigue and restrain obesity.


Fiber, sucrose and starch are the three abundant materials in sweet potatoes, besides, sweet potatoes are rich in protein, amino-acid, vitamins and many minerals, which will give you a more balanced physique, what I want to emphasize is that sweet potatoes have the great amount of fiber that could protect your intestines and draw your poison, really a good food for weight loss.


Honey is also a rich source of sucrose, it has both function of weight loss and facial beauty. You can eat as much as you like for honey is a natural food rich in numerous mineral salts that are similar with serum concentration in human body, vitamins, iron, calcium, sodium and other elements, thus it has the function of nourishment, detoxification, whitening, and moving bowels.

#11 DATE

Sweet dates have high sugar content, but their extraordinary characteristics are they have high vitamin contents, thus people call dates the “Natural vitamin”. Dates are especially proper for girls who are in the course of losing weight, which have the prominent effects of weight loss!