We feel pressure everyday, sometimes a flat tire, sometimes heart-broken by your friends, sometimes an absurd demand from your boss. And guess what, a dessert could help release our pressure! Sweetness can ease our restless mood, if you feel so tired or stressed in recent days, you need to eat dessert. Professor Itoh, who teaches at Japan’s Keio University School of Medicine, said that it is because of the adrenal gland which secretes stress hormone, while our brains generate another hormone and command to secrete stress hormone, and that will excite the surrounding nerves of our brains and make us have the feeling to ingest a large quantity of sugar, and that is what desserts contain the most!

What will happen when dessert meets the 12 female Signs? I’m in no doubt that you must know how sparkly an Aries woman is, how domineering a Leo, how picky a Virgo and how terrified a Libra on option. Each star sign has its unique characteristic from personality to romance. If you analogy 12 female Signs with desserts, how could it be? And what are the exclusive desserts for 12 female star Signs to ease pressure?

Aries   Red bean matcha pudding

Distinguished for short temper, Aries woman’s got the greatest pressure from others, especially people who are draggers that can’t finish the things she told them to do as soon as possible. And now she is on fire to see them slow. Better give her a bowl of red bean matcha pudding to calm down. Matcha comes from Japan and has a slightly bitter taste that will peace your mind, match it with red beans of agreeable sweetness, the whole lovely thing could warm your heart and ease your pressure undoubtedly. It is simply tailor-made for Aries woman.

Red bean matcha pudding
3 tsp matcha, 3 tsp gelatin powder, 75ml whipping cream, 150ml milk, 30g sugar, 1/2 cup red beans
1. Prepare a mixing bowl with simmering water, and place it over moderate heat
2. Stir in gelatin powder in the mixing bowl, add sugar and stirring until all are dissolved
3. Remove the heat, stir in matcha, milk and whipping cream, mix
4. Pour the mix into moulds or glasses
5. Let cool, refrigerate for approximately 2 hours until solid
6. Top the pudding with read beans

Taurus    Cheese Scone

For Taurus woman, who’s greedy on fortune, there’s nothing more frightened than the decline of her deposits, and if you persuade her to spend a sum of money on a pile of desserts, that could be a disaster for her. So I recommend a small dessert-cheese scone to Taurus woman who is caught in financial pressures. Crisp outside and tender inside, this dessert tastes creamy just between bread and cake with full ingredients in, and most importantly, it’s cheap!

Cheese scone
260g flour, 60g sugar, 60g butter, 160g milk, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 60g cheese, 20 cheese powder, half an egg yolk
1. Soften butter with sugar and mix
2. Sift in flour & powder, stir well
3. Stir in cheese powder
4. Add cheese and whisk with your hands
5. Add milk per several times
6. Knead dough with your hands, refrigerate for 20 minutes
7. Roll into a long slice
8. Fold three times and roll into a 2cm slice
9. Cut the slice into triangles and brush egg yolk
10. Bake to 356F oven for 25 minutes until golden and brown

Gemini    Strawberry caramel napoleon

Day in and day out, work makes a Gemini woman so bored and exhausted for she is originally playful. A Gemini woman usually stays in an office with empty eyes. This pressure that comes from donkeywork must be relieved by strawberry caramel napoleon which is a multiplex snack full of sweet aroma of strawberry and milky caramel, tastes crisp and tough, it reminds her of the good mood that her has ever had in the past old golden days.

Strawberry caramel napoleon


2 crusts, 50g milk, 40g sugar, 6g corn starch, 1 egg yolk, 15g strawberry jam, 80g unsalted butter
1. Poke holes on the surface of crusts with a toothpick, bake to 392F for 6-8 minutes until golden and brown
2. Heat milk in a milk pot, do not boil. Prepare another mixing bowl and put in sugar and corn starch and mix well. Stir in a little bit hot milk into the mixing bowl, then add egg yolk, add the remaining milk, mix well, finally pour back all the mix into the pot, stirring until pasty
3. Let cool under room temperature or store in refrigerator
4. Mix unsalted butter with strawberry jams and milk/egg yolk filling
5. Fill in the mixture into the crust and top with strawberry, then fold crust and sift powdered sugar

Cancer    Mango mousse cake

For the most family-oriented Cancer woman, nothing is more than misunderstood by her family members that could bring her a lot of pressures. When a Cancer woman hides herself in some shadowy places and cries a tear secretly, better give her a mango mousse cake-sweet and sour mango matches with a soft and smooth mousse cake that is as sensitive as her mind. A cake knows you so, let alone your family members? Have an intimate talk with your family members as soon as possible cause there’s forever no hate or resent between you and your families.

Mango mousse cake


250g whipping cream, 300g mango mash, 6pcs gelatin, 60g caster sugar, 1 sponge cake
1. Whip whipping cream until pasty and dense
2. Soak gelatin with cold water
3. Heat mango mash over hot water, add in caster sugar and stir until melted
4. Drain the soaked gelatin and add in the mango mash bowl, mix
5. Pour the whipping cream into the mango mash, stir until pasty
6. Cut sponge cake with the same size of mould
7. Put the sponge cake into mousse ring, cover it the mango mash
8. Store in fridge until formed

Leo    Chocolate lava cake

Leo woman is born with a royal sense and king manner who has a splendid leading capability. They enjoy the praise and glory in a victory, so their dessert must be domineering and gorgeous! And Leo woman has a kind of hostility towards women who have the same nobility as her, thus they feel great pressure and must eat some dessert to vent her anger, and there is no other choice better than the heroic chocolate lava cake.

Chocolate lava cake


100g dark chocolate, 70g butter, 2 eggs, 1 egg yolk, 60g caster sugar, 25g low protein flour
1. Soften butter
2. Add in butter with dark chocolate until slowly melted
3. Beat eggs in a bowl with caster sugar, whip until pale and dense
4. Sift low protein flour in egg wash and mix well
5. Pour chocolate liquid into egg wash, stirring
6. Store egg paste in fridge for 30 minutes
7. Pour the egg paste into mould
8. Preheat oven to 392F and bake for 10 minutes

Virgo    Soufflé

Virgo woman is a perfectionist from head to toe, they are written in various blacklists although they kinda feel themselves naïve and harmless. “No one understands me” is likely to be the most pressure for a Virgo woman, I think. Soufflé, jokingly called “Dessert Queen”, is originated from France and it is made up of the simplest ingredients with the most complicated baking skills. Almost everyone is bothered with the baking skill, but who can resist its delicacy? In fact, people treat a Virgo woman just like how they look upon a soufflé, troublesome indeed, but kindness is understood at last.



2 eggs, 25g milk, 20g butter, 25g caster sugar, 8g low protein flour
1. Soften butter over warm water
2. Brush the container with a little bit butter and sprinkle some sugar
3. Pour the melted butter into container
4. Stir in milk
5. Sift flour into the mixture
6. Add eggs into the milk/butter wash and mix
7. Whip egg whites into an inverted triangle
8. Mix egg whites and egg yolk/butter wash
9. Pour into the mould brushed with butter
10. Preheat oven to 374F, put the baking bowl into the middle layer and bake for 10 minutes

Libra    Macarons

Libra woman are entangled on everything they met, and she knocks the door of pressure herself other than pressure finds her. So, the best dessert for Libra to ease pressure is macarons. Relying on its dreamy color and super sweet taste, it simply seizes a Libra woman’s heart and makes her run of ideas on option. It looks as if macarons can not merely help ease pressure of Libra woman but also help cure her choose disability.



You can find recipes by clicking these links:



Scorpio    Mint cream jelly

Scorpio woman always prefer to hide everything in her heart when facing the pressures coming from work or life. She solves problems all by herself, and finds out pressures piled up. She is a little bit confused why she screws it up. So how about try a mint cream jelly? The fresh and milky and mint flavor will soon disperse the annoyed feeling in your heart.

Mint cream jelly


100ml fresh cream, 35g caster sugar, 4 tsp gelatin, 4 tbsp water, pinch mint leaves
1. Boil mint leaves with water, let cool
2. Soak 2 tsp gelatin
3. Mix mint liquid with fresh cream, heat in an ovenware for 30-40 seconds, mix in gelatin water and sugar, until totally melted
4. Pour the mix into a glass and store in a fridge
5. Soften the remaining gelatin with water and pour it into glass
6. Refrigerate for 2 hours

Sagittarius    Milk ice crush

Although a Sagittarius woman has always been energetic, but that does not mean that she has a higher compression ability. When she realizes that what she is going to bear is too hard, the pressure will follow up. And for dessert, a Sagittarius woman needs one that is able to mobilize her vitality and energy, milk ice crush, which is icy and diversified on ingredients, is bound to awaken a Sagittarius woman’s vitality although it has a onefold flavor.

Milk ice crush


4 tbsp milk powder, 1 tsp caster sugar, pinch honey & condensed milk, 220ml water
1. Melt milk powder and caster sugar with 220ml water, mix well and pour into mould
2. Freeze for 3 hours
3. Crush the mixture of step 1 into ice water
4. Pour honey and condensed milk

Capricorn    Madeleine

A Capricorn, such a woman who is reluctant to leave her job even so much big pressures are befalling on her, how could we take her out and eat dessert for relax? Just put dessert at her hand. Matching with butter and lemon aroma, this exquisite small Madeleine cake is convenient to eat and very appropriate for Capricorn the workaholic.



50g low protein flour, 50g caster sugar, 1/4 lime peels, 1 egg, 50g butter, 1.5g baking powder, pinch vanilla
1. Crumb half an lime peels, mix them with caster sugar and place it for 1 hour, better choose yellow parts of the lime peels
2. Sift low protein flour and baking powder
3. Beat egg into a bowl, pour in lime/sugar mixture
4. Whip them with an egg beater, do not whip egg to a foam
5. Add pinch vanilla, pour in sifted low protein flour and whisk with an egg beater until pasty
6. Melt butter and pour it into the mixture, mix well until smooth, store in fridge for an hour
7. Spoon the paste into mould (return to temperature until the condensed paste restores into a state of flowing)
8. Bake to 374F for 13-15 minutes
9. Demould and let cool

Aquarius    Durian pancake

If work or life can not be put forward with new ideas, it kills An Aquarius woman. She has always been known for her creative originality and this is not only about pressure, it’s about her aesthetic life. Try this durian pancake with unique flavor now. this pancake looks like a small piece of tofu, while in fact it is a bulk of durian wrapped by pure white cream. I could only say that it is so creative, isn’t it?

Durian pancake


90g butter, 120g caster sugar, 68g eggs, 150g low protein flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 100g durian mashes
1. Soften butter under room temperature, mash durian fleshes, and sift low protein flour and baking powder
2. Whip butter with caster sugar until paler and expanded
3. Add egg wash per several times (remember to mix well and then add the next)
4. Mix with 1/2 durian mashes
5. Add in 1/2 sifted flour and powder
6. Repeat the motion of step 4-5
7. Spoon the paste into a paper cup
8. Bake to 356F for 25 minutes in middle layer

Pisces    Caramel puff

A sentimental and romantic Pisces woman is by far afraid of her dream being ruined by reality, but it would happen very often. “What a bunch of fantasies are destroyed by the pressure of reality!” A Pisces woman sighs. So, a Pisces woman must have a try for the caramel puff, which is originated from France and is the traditional wedding cake in France. Caramel puff has the implied meaning of “Love” and “Romance”, and you will bounce again by eating this dessert!

Caramel puff


Pinch puff paste & pudding filling (any flavor), 100g caster sugar, pinch maltose, 20g water
1. Squeeze paste into a pastry bag and let air out
2. Squeeze out pastes with the same distance on an ovenware
3. Bake to 356F for 35-40 minutes
4. Let cool
5. Fill in the pudding filling with a pastry bag
6. Add sugar in water, stirring until thick
7. Roll the puff balls with syrup
8. serve after syrup condensed