Salad has always been the unique food on our table, and it is such an amazing food that can make magic come into being. Salad contains less calory and oil, and many vegetables and fruits can be used to make salad, which is a healthy food to eat for people. And this is a dietary food for people who want to keep fit, which is a good choice for dieting.

Today I’ve made a pea salad with wheat fragrance, and I use sesame flavor salad sauce as the condiment, which is very popular in Europe and Japan. And many salads in restaurants of Europe and Japan come out from this salad sauce.

Pea salad with wheat fragrance

Lettuce 1
Cherry tomatoes 8
Cucumber 1
Cooked quail eggs 10
Yellow peas 30g
Green peas 30g
Quinoa 50g
Pinch salad sauce
Pinch black pepper

1.Wash clean cucumber, cheery tomatoes and lettuce and cut them into dices, cut quail eggs into half
2.Wash clean yellow and green peas, quinoa, soak them for 3 hours
3.Put the yellow and green peas, quinoa into a pan, bring to boil
4.Put cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lettuce into a bowl, add yellow and green peas, quinoa and quail eggs
5.Add salad sauce and black pepper, mix