Prepare the healthiest low calorie dessert within minutes

Who does not want to stay fit and look smart? You have so many tasks to complete, so much to achieve in life, so why do you want to welcome diseases that will spoil your lifestyle. Eat healthy and stay healthy to win over all circumstances and problems that come your way.

Fruity Delight with Ice Cream punch

The most important way to lead a disease-free life is to count your calories. Eat that much food that you can digest and utilize to perform your daily activities. Know about the perfect proteins, good carbs and the low calorie food that will surely keep you fit and happy. It however does not mean that you need to starve when you put on weight or cut off all your favorite desserts when you are diagnosed with diabetes. There are delicious low calorie dessert recipes you can make and serve everyone without any tension of putting in extra calories.

Here is the healthiest ever dessert recipe that is full of the best of nutritious fruits and yogurt.

Fruity Delight with Yogurt/Ice Cream punch


  1. Strawberries or Raspberries.
  2. Apricots.
  3. Pears.
  4. Peaches.
  5. Low-fat skimmed milk.
  6. Vanilla Ice Cream Mix.
  7. Unsweetened low-fat Yogurt.
  8. Sugar substitute or Honey.

How to prepare:

  • Wash and dry all the fruits. (Try to use fresh fruits and not canned fruits preserved in liquids).
  • Take a large bowl and cut all the fruits into tiny pieces after taking off the seeds and keep them in the bowl.
  • If you wish to use vanilla flavored yogurt you will not require vanilla essence. It must be low-fat and unsweetened yogurt. Remove any excess water that may remain in the yogurt. In a mixer, whisk it well till it becomes frothy.
  • Add sugar substitute and churn it once again.
  • If you wish to add ice cream in place of yogurt, prepare the ice cream in your ice cream maker using sugar vanilla ice cream mix, skimmed milk and low-fat whipped cream.
  • Now add either the yogurt or the ice cream to the cut fruits and mix well.
  • Refrigerate the entire dessert for about 2 to three hours till it sets properly.
  • After dinner, serve it in small ice-cream cups topped with almonds and nuts. Add chocolate sauce for the kids.

This low calorie dessert will please everyone and the colorful look will attract children all the more. Everyone will love this great low calorie fruity delight packed with the goodness of vitamins and proteins all in one scoop.