Last weekend I prepared a cake for my friend, according to the plan, I would have made a lemon roll cake, but I made a mistake about the component and baked the cake too thick, so there were so much lemon filling left which was added with eggs, for the sake of no waste, I made a soft lemon mousse tray, and it was unexpectedly delicious!

The soft lemon mousse tray is so tasty, the butter in the lemon filling makes the mousse smooth and gentle, but I’ve got to pay the price—calories! Haha… But considering its delicacy, anything is forgivable!

~~~Lemon Mousse Tray~~~

Lemon mousse tray

Lemon mousse tray

Ingredients: 100ml lemon juice, 1 lemon’s peels, 130gr caster sugar, 4 eggs, 80gr butter, 300gr whipping cream, 2ml vanilla extract

Optional ingredients: chiffon cake slices or sponge cake slices, a pinch of cherries

1.Scrape the lemon peels into shreds using the grater, remove the stones of the cherries, preserve the cherries with a pinch of lemon juice and caster sugar(additional)
2.Lemon, lemon peels and butter into a pan, gentle heat
3.Bring to light boil until the butter is melted and begins to bubble
4.Stir the caster sugar and eggs, while add the lemon butter mixture gently with a shape of thread
5.Pour the egg-lemon-butter mixture into the pan, slow fire, stirring without stop
6.When mixture is sticky and thick, remove the fire, add vanilla extract and keep stirring to cool down
7.Sift the sticky and thick mixture
8.After utter cooling, lemon filling is well done
9.Whip the whipping cream
10.Add lemon filling into the cream with frequent times and small quantities, stir well and then add the next lemon filling, until all the lemon filling is mixed with cream and becomes the glossy mousse filling
11.Place the mousse filling into the cup, and embed with cherries, put it into the refrigerator
12.Dot with decorations and ready to serve

1.Be careful to scrape the lemon peels, make sure to scrape the yellow ones, and leave the white ones alone for it tastes so bitter
2.Make sure to sift the lemon filling, get off the lemon drosses, for a fine and smooth taste
3.Lemon fillings without whipping cream would be dense, when wipe them onto the cakes or breads, less quantities would be better
4.Lemon filling contains butter which has a density after cooling, whipping would be exactly good when mixing the lemon filling with whipping cream, in order to add more air and get a more lightsome taste
5.If you want to make a solid lemon mousse cake, remember to add two soaked gelatin when the lemon filling is hot
6.Lemon mousse is high in fat, I suggest not making mousse that has got no cake slices

Wish you have a good appetite for today’s lemon mousse tray!