To stay healthy you must follow certain basic rules like following a low-fat and low-sugar diet and along with it regular exercises. If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle you can keep many diseases at bay. Yet there are many people who are suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Cardiac problems and even cancer.

However, since it is the truth of life and you cannot control and keep everything under your control, you can at least follow a healthy diet chart especially if you are a Diabetic. You must be thinking that I am trying to snatch away all your favorite desserts. Well no! You can enjoy yummy desserts every day, if it is prepared with sugar-free ingredients and that is not so difficult. Here is a tasty recipe that contains fruits and sugarless and fatless elements just for you.

Vanilla Custard with Plums and Apples

Vanilla Custard with Plums and Apples



1. 11/2 cups low fat milk or skimmed milk
2. ¼ cup sugar substitute
3. Pinch of salt.
4. 3 tablespoon custard powder or 1 tablespoon cornstarch
5. 1egg (optional)
6. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
7. 2/3 washed and cleaned plums.
8. 1 large apple
9. Few wafers
10. Cherries or chocolate chips for garnishing.


• In a sauce pan pour only 1 cup of milk, add sugar substitute and boil over medium heat till it becomes a little thick.
• Remove from heat and keep aside.
• In another bowl mix the remaining milk, egg, custard powder or cornstarch, vanilla extract till smooth.
• Add this to the warm milk and return to fire. Stir continuously so that lumps are not formed and it becomes quite thick and smooth.
• Let it cool.
• Dice the apples and plums into tiny pieces and add to the contents in the pan.
• Now pour the custard with fruits into a large bowl and refrigerate till cold but not tough.
• Serve in small custard or ice cream bowls topped with slices of cherries. Add wafer pieces in a vertical position to make it look more attractive.
• You can add chocolate chips too for the kids.

Your delicious fruit custard is ready to serve. Make changes in the fruits that you use to bring variations to the sugar free desserts. Fruits like berries of different kinds add food value to the desserts and the natural sweetness is enough to make the dishes sweet without using table sugar or added sugars.