Pudding is a favorite dessert for many young girls who desperately expect to keep slim and improve skin. Lemon is must-have on improving girls’ looks, the combination of the two would be splendidly healthy!

Many people love this dessert—pudding, in America, they call it pudding, and in England, they call it custard, but in France, they call it creme patisserie. There are many flavors if you eat directly, and it can be seen from cake, tart or puff. Today we make lemon flavor pudding, but however any kind of fruit juice or fruit jam could be taken instead of the lemon juice, what you need to do is to adjust the sugar content. Watch out to add lemon juice in this pudding, you need to add at the very last step, or the acid in lemon juice would clot milk into cream. Because we shall add lemon juice in this way, so the pudding shall be added with more starch and sugar.


Lemon pudding


Eggs 2
Corn starch 30g<I used to do with green bean powder, also yummy!>
White sugar 60g
Milk 500ml
White sugar 40g
Lemon juice 80g
Butter 30g

1.Add eggs, corn starch and 60g sugar into a bowl, whip it with an egg beater
2.Peel off the lemon, put the sliced lemon peels with milk and 40g sugar into a pan, mix and boil with big fire, watch out to boil the milk, make sure the milk does not overflow
3.When the milk mixture is close to boil, pour a half milk into the egg mixture, and keep stirring, by this way, the temperature of the egg would be increased and not cooked. After mixing well, pour back into the pan, keep boil with slow fire, and at the same time whip the mixture with an egg beater, until the mixture turns into thick and dense and boiling. Pour back into the bowl and let cool for 5 minutes
4.Add lemon juice and butter, mix well. Sift the pudding and filter the lemon peels. If you want a better color, you can dye it with edible pigments
5.Divide it into bottles or bowls, decorate with well-whipped light cream and fresh fruits


Lemon pudding