Desserts are common sweet dishes that are served on all happy occasions. There are individuals who love to end their meals with something sweet. It may be pudding, fruit salad or even ice cream. But the very moment a person is detected with Diabetes, the most dreaded diseases, one is surely to feel very sad especially for those who love to eat sweets. This means that you have to cut out all your favorite sweets and for those people, who are on a weight-loss diet, they must also reduce their quantity of sugar intake.

Sugar Free Desserts

Sugar Free Desserts

But things have changed. Today, there are various ways of preparing sweets and sweet dishes without using original table sugar. The first thing to do is to know the three types of sugar substitutes that you can use for preparing delicious sugar free desserts.

-The first variety is the small tablet that is available at the medicine shops in small and big packs. These tablets are made from fruit concentrates and easily melt in your tea or coffee, juices etc to get the sweet taste and are harmless.

-The second variety is available in powdered form and is made from aspartame, which is a protein derivative, and a pinch of this powder is equal to a few tablespoon of regular sugar.

-Another type of sugar is available which is 600 times sweeter than table sugar and is made from Sucralose (table sugar) that is processed by high-tech methods to reduce the effects of calories that basically is harmful. This is one of the most popular sugar substitutes that is used to prepare sugar free desserts.

Now that you have the most reliable and the most essential ingredients to serve yourself and everyone else who maintains a sugar free diet or is a Diabetic, you can prepare amazing desserts anytime without the fear of gaining extra fat or increasing sugar levels. Here are some recipes that are very tasty and healthy as well. They are sure to satisfy your cravings for something sweet after meals and during special occasions.

1.Sugar free Cheese Cake:

To bake the sugar free cheesecake the ingredients that you require are margarine, graham cracker crumbs, honey, sugar substitute or Splenda Granula, eggs, fat-free cheese cream, fat reduced sour cream, cornstarch and vanilla extract. You must be noticing that none of the elements in this spongy cheesecake that you bake contain anything that has the harmful sugar contents. So you can enjoy a few slices of this sugar free dessert without any tension.

2.Chocolate Mousse

This is indeed a yummy dessert that everyone loves. And if it made of sugar free ingredients then your joys soar up even higher. For the ingredients, you will have to get non-sweetened chocolate that is readily available at the stores, sliced strawberries that have natural fruit sugar, low fat milk, heavy cream, Grand Mamier, Splenda Granula (sugar substitute) and corn starch. The most important part of making this Chocolate Mousse is the stirring process. You have to keep mixing all your ingredients so that lumps are not formed. This is a very easy-to-prepare dessert that does not take much time but satisfies your taste buds.

3.Blueberry Pie

This sugar free dessert is especially made for people who have Diabetes. All the ingredients used in this recipe are carefully chosen to enhance the health of the individual while serving a mouth-watering dessert. The main constituents of Blueberry Pie are unsweetened fresh or frozen blueberries, liquid butter flavoring, a little nutmeg powder, piecrust, Splenda Granular or any other kinds of sugar substitute, lemon juice and a little cinnamon powder. You can spice up this healthy sugar free dessert with a scoop of sugar free and fat free vanilla ice cream. It tastes too good!

Other delicious sugar free desserts that you can try are Chocolate Fondue, Apple- Carrot Cake, Pecan Fudge, Bread Pudding with Orange and Chocolate, Wheat Cookies, Cherry Bars and many more.

If you are keen on baking the tastiest of sugar free desserts to stay healthy, you will find endless recipes to try out at home. They are simple to make and the most important thing to notice about these delicacies is that they all use sugar substitutes and not the original table sugar. The tastes are so unique that you will hardly feel that you are having sugar free desserts. The main aim is to feel happy and satisfied with what you eat and if you can come up with the yummy sweet dishes using sugar substitutes there is nothing like it.

However, sugar free desserts are not meant only for those who have high blood sugar or Diabetes, but they are the best options to stay fit and slim for those suffering from obesity problems and are recommended for senior citizens too so that they stay healthy.

Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Fear not however, not every dessert has to be bad for you and not every dessert has to be loaded with fat and sugar either.
When you have people in your homes who are on a strict low-fat diet or is a diabetic or may be a heart patient, store some of the healthiest low calorie ingredients in your kitchen so that you can prepare the yummiest of desserts any time.
Enjoy yummy desserts every day, if it is prepared with sugar-free ingredients and that is not so difficult.
Sugar free desserts do not contain any of the ingredients that will either increase your sugar level or add extra calories to your diet.
Follow the sugar free desserts recipe guides and you can prepare some of the best of desserts without a pinch of table sugar and other high calorie ingredients.
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