Macarons are popular all around the world these years. This is a simple recipe for how to make delicious macarons. With little time spent and in no need of technical skills, you can have a macarons feast.

I think making any dessert shall not have a recognition that it is difficult or it is impossible to to make, but you shall think like this way, “He who is well done, so am I!” So, just relax yourself.

Every step of making macarons is not difficult, but the difficult lies in the exact effect of combination, crisp on the shell, soft in the filling, with no cavity, no “lace”. Actually it needs practice and practice. Seriously it is the decisive key to make the meringue of macarons and control the temperature of the oven. And almost each oven has its own temperature for making macarons. That is to say, different ovens have different temperatures for baking macarons.

Talk less and practice more. Try a blueberry cheese macarons!

Blueberry cheese macarons1

Blueberry cheese macarons1

For the shells:
A.TPT amande: 150gr<75gr fine grind almond powder+75gr powdered sugar>, 27.5gr egg whites, a pinch of Sevarome
B.27.5gr egg whites, 12 sugar
C.60gr sugar, 19gr water

1.Sift 150 TPT amande, add 27.5gr egg whites and Sevarome, mix
2.Add sugar into 27.5 egg whites, whip it to a foam
3.Boil 60gr sugar and 19gr water, until it reaches 240.8F
4.Pour slowly the hot sweet water into the meringue, while mix it in a quick speed, until it foams
5.Add meringue per several times into the TPT, until it flows like a ribbon
6.Put the paste into pastry bag, and squeeze out round shape paste onto the glass fiber cloth or silicone pad
7.Dry the paste until it is not sticky
8.Preheat the oven for 284F, bake for 14 minutes, there will be “lace” on the border in two minutes if everything goes well
9.Wait until the macarons are cool down, take them off from the glass fiber cloth or silicone pad, and fill in the filling


For the filling: Mix the Kiri’s cheese, moderate blueberry jam and lemon well. Although it seems simple, but the taste is very delicious, blueberry jam made by myself with less sugar and more milk flavor, just like eat an ice cream!

There are two things need to be noticed, better not reduce the using of sugar in macarons. Especially for the green hands. And different temperature will affect the baking of macarons.

If you are a newbie, then don’t worry about what will you make, but remember every step exactly and don’t get complicated, keep a clear brain, and let it conduct your hands. Just spend a morning or an afternoon to enjoy your making macarons. Maybe you will start your dessert journey just from the blueberry cheese macarons!