Sugar-free dessert Recipe: Fruity Delight

A dessert is one of the tastiest dishes that add sweetness to life. But extra sugar and butter will in way good. If you are a diabetic or on a sugar-free diet, you have to do away with all foods that have sugar content in them. Today there are various types of sugar substitutes that are added to sugar-free dessert recipes so that everyone can enjoy without causing any damage to health.

When preparing sugar-free desserts it is very important to choose ingredients that contain natural sugar but a low in carbohydrate. Avoid using white flour, table sugar, sweetened cream or chocolate, butter and other items that are high in calories. This will ensure that you are eating healthy and protecting yourself from accumulating extra fat or increasing your sugar level.

Here is a unique sugar-free dessert recipe that you can try out and surprise your family members and friends who are health conscious. Serve desserts that are rich in fruits and offer great health benefits for all.

Fruity DelightFruity Delight

To prepare a tasty dessert without sugar you need the following ingredients:

-Berries that are deseeded are rich in anti-oxidants.
-Peaches contain a lot of potassium
-Apricots have fiber contents
-Pears are good sources of fiber and potassium
-Low-carb kiwi
-Low-fat yogurt
-Vanilla essence
-Sugar substitute
-Sugar-free ice-cream
-Salted cornflakes

You will notice that all these fruits are low in carbohydrates and rich in essential elements that will help you to control sugar level and absorb fat that is not required by the body.


1.Cut all the fruits or as many types as you prefer into tiny pieces so that they look attractive. Use different color fruits so that the dessert looks colorful.

2. Place all the cut fruits in a bowl and put it on a steamer to just make them soft. Remove from heat and let it cool.

3. Add a spoonful of sugar substitute and ½ teaspoon vanilla essence to the fat-free yogurt and beat it into a smooth paste so that it looks like whipped cream. If you wish to use ice cream in place of yogurt, use low fat and sugar free ice cream.

4. After the fruit bowl is cold enough, pour the beaten yogurt and stir well so that the fruits and yogurt mix well and settle down in the bowl.

5. Put the bowl in the freezer to cool more.

6. Serve in small ice cream cups topped with cornflakes that should be added just before serving. For the kids you can pour some chocolate syrup to make it yummier.

Try out this healthy sugar-free dessert recipe and see how everyone relishes it.