The words ‘grilled’ and ‘dessert’ don’t often go together, but this is one occasion when you’ll be glad they did. This light and delicious dessert is quite straightforward to make, and using an indoor grill will create a more intense flavour that will be a great change from more standard desserts.

You Will Need
100g Flour
2 tbsp. sugar
1 ½ tsp. baking powder
120ml double cream
Maple Syrup

And for the topping
300ml whipped cream
1 1/2 tbsp. sugar
4-6 drops vanilla extract

Start off by mixing your dry ingredients together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, pour in the double cream and add vanilla extract. Using a hand whisk or an electric mixer, whip the cream until it forms soft peaks.

Next, slowly add the dry ingredients mixture to the cream, stirring as you go. Beat the mixture until you are left with dough that you can lift out of the bowl. You then need to knead the dough for a few minutes, before cutting the dough into rectangles. These need to be quite thick, as you will need to split them in half later. Once this is done brush the rectangles with maple syrup.

Now comes the fun part. Place the rectangles onto your cooking grill and close the lid. If you can adjust the temperature of your grill, set it to a medium heat. They should take about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes one side of the grill will be hotter than the other, so turn the dough if you notice one side is cooking faster.

While this is happening, you can prepare the filling. Simply empty the whipped cream into a bowl and mix with the sugar and vanilla extract. The quantities here can be adjusted as much as you like according to personal preferences. You can even add brandy or rum.

Place the strawberries onto the grill for the last 3-5 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them – you want to avoid them becoming mushy. When everything is ready, split the shortcakes in half. Once the strawberries and biscuits have been left to cool for five minutes, assemble your shortcakes by adding the whipped cream onto the bottom half of each one, and then placing the top halves over the filling. Then all that remains is to serve your dessert and enjoy!

Author Bio: Gareth Nicholas is passionate about blogging, food and blogging about food. He is currently working with George Foreman Grills to spread great recipes around the web.