Recent years in fashion Italian restaurants, square tiramisu has been faded away in people’s hearts, instead of that is the colorful tramisu that has been placed in glass bottles. The most popular tiramisu in today’s Paris still adds all various of berries like raspberries, strawberries, and chooses fruit wine or syrup instead of traditional coffee liquid.

Pink raspberries and green pistachios are two ingredients I would like to add in the tiramisu. And the greatest is, this exquisite and delicious raspberry tiramisu only needs 20 minutes to finish, you can enjoy a simple romance with your families or lovers in a hush working day.

Raspberry tiramisu


Egg yolks 3
Mascarpone 250g
Marsala 10cl
Lady finders 8
Raspberries 250g
Original chopped pistachios 30g
Ice water a basin

1.Take out a big pan, add pinch of water, heat until it is close to boil. Add egg yolks into a big bowl and heat the bowl over hot water, keep whipping in the heating, and add caster sugar little by little. Whip until the egg yolks turn into thick, and take out the bowl and put it immediately into ice water
2.Add 5cl Marsala into Mascarpone, mix well and then add egg yolk wash, stir gently
3.Wash clean and dry the raspberries. Take out a container, add the rest 5cl Marsala
4.Take out four glass bottles, add two tablespoons of cheese egg yolk wash into the bottles, and take out two lady fingers, soak in the Marsala fast and put it onto the cheese wash, and lay some raspberries on, sprinkle chopped pistachios, and lay again the raspberries, and sprinkle pistachios
5.Put them into the fridge for cold storage about 2 hours