Most of us love to finish our meals with a dessert. It is rather a custom for most families during festivals and important events. Even when a child returns home with a trophy and a good grade, the first thing that we wish for is sweets and only sweets and instantly we plan up a meal with a yummy dessert to finish it off happily. But all desserts are not always suitable for every member of the family. So it is important to arrange for something that will be sweet but without the fats.

Low Fat Desserts

Low Fat Desserts

If you are going to prepare the dessert, first of all gather adequate information about the different varieties of desserts that can be prepared at home and the fat content of the ingredients used in them.
Second step will be to select and arrange for fruits and skimmed milk, low-fat cream and even chocolates that have very less sugar content.

Third and the most important thing to do is buy all ingredients from reliable stores and items that have proper labels with detailed information about the calories.

1.Fruit Salad:

One of the tastiest and the best low fat dessert is the fruit salad. Cut fresh fruits that are low in carbohydrates and rich in minerals and vitamins into interesting pieces and bake them just to make them a bit soft. Cool the entire dish and then pour over fresh unsweetened low-fat cream over it. Decorate it with cherries and dry fruits and shortenings. You will not require sugar as the fruits have sugar content and even if you think that a little more sweetness will make the dessert even more yummy, use sugar substitutes as they are low in fats and have zero calories.

2.Summer treats:

During summer the most delicious low fat desserts are the creamy chocolate ice-cream, skinny frozen pumpkin pie and light banana peanut butter milkshakes. These do not require baking but are absolutely low-fat desserts just right for adults, and all those who crave for the iconic slim bodies.

Low Fat Desserts

Low Fat Desserts

Here are the ingredients that you will require for the non-bake low fat desserts:

1.Chocolate ice-cream: – You need unsweetened cocoa powder, white sugar (sugar substitutes), brown sugar, pinch of salt, skimmed milk and light cream, vanilla extract and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The taste of this dessert is so satisfying that you will hardly realize that you have used all low fat ingredients including sugar and chocolate.

2.Frozen pumpkin mousse pie: – The main items that you require to prepare this exotic low fat dessert are low-fat graham cracker crust or ginger bread, canned pumpkin puree, packed brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and low-fat soft vanilla ice cream. All those who despise pumpkin will want more of this dessert for sure.

3.Skinny peanut butter banana milkshakes: – You need sliced and frozen bananas, skimmed milk, light fat-free cream, sugar substitutes, peanut butter, vanilla extract and low-fat whipped topping.

4.2-minute Brownie:

What about the Brownie that you can prepare within 2 minutes? It is an egg-less recipe that is low in fats and is delicious. All you need to make this mug brownie are gluten-free flour, sugar substitutes, condensed milk cocoa, vegetable oil and walnuts.

5.Chocolate Brownie:

If you are extremely fond of chocolate brownies and simply cannot go without them, make your own low fat chocolate brownies and enjoy to your heart’s content without any fear of gaining weight. Collect all the ingredients like chocolate, yogurt, almonds, walnuts, baking soda, low-fat cream, baking powder, cocoa, olive oil, whole wheat flour or any other gluten-free flour and honey. This fat-free dessert is so yummy and healthy too as it provides important elements of food like vitamin and calcium to keep you healthy without increasing your weight even an ounce.

6.Oat- Apple Crumble:

Oats are considered to be the best diet for all as it contains a lot of fibers and low fat and helps to control cholesterol. So preparing a dessert with oats is really healthy for the entire family while counting the calories. Try the Oat Apple Crumble- it is too yummy and absolutely fat-free. To prepare this dessert you will require apples, lemon juice, cinnamon, brown sugar, jaggery, low-fat butter or margarine and nutmeg.

There are innumerable other desserts that have low fat contents and are served in restaurants. But it is not safe to enjoy such desserts outside if you are strictly on a low-fat diet. Although they are offered as sugar-free or low-fat desserts, the ingredients that they use may or may not be really fat free. To stay on the safe side, it is always the best to prepare fat-free desserts at home. Use more fruits and low-fat whipped cream for the toppings and fruit shortenings that will give a colorful look to your healthy dessert that everybody can enjoy.

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