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Fat is an essential element of the body that generates energy to perform all kinds of tasks. But too much of fat is harmful for health as it is high in calories. Consuming too many calories causes weight gain and obesity leading to fatal diseases like cardiac arrest, liver and kidney problems and even cancer. So nutritionists always advise to consume that amount of fat that your body requires and that which is burned out by the body.

Therefore it becomes essential to count your calories regularly. But does not mean that you need to sacrifice all your desserts. You can cook it up in a healthier way so that you can enjoy the dessert without worrying about excess calories and fats.

Caramel Glazed Oranges

Here is a tasty fat-free dessert recipe that you can prepare very easily and serve everyone.

Caramel Glazed Oranges

For a healthy dessert the best ingredients that you can use are fruits. They are fat-free, tasty and juicy and have natural fruit sugar that replaces even the sugar substitutes.

The ingredients required are:

1. Large fresh oranges of the best quality. (Check if they are sweet before purchasing).
2. Brandy is optional.
3. Small orange for garnishing.
4. Sugar substitutes.

How to prepare:

  • First with a peeler remove the peels from the large oranges and cut them into thin strips and keep them aside.
  • Remove the seeds from the oranges carefully so that the fruit retains its original shape.
  • Cut the oranges into ¼ inch thick slices
  • Arrange them in a deep platter by placing then overlapping each other.
  • Sprinkle brandy over them if you wish.
  • Decorate the platter with the thin strips of orange peels and the orange pieces that were cut in halves.
  • Now once the base is prepared, you need to make the caramel. Take a 10-inch skillet and cook sugar substitute over flame adjusting the heat as it starts melting.
  • Keep on stirring till you get a deep brown shiny consistency. See that no lumps are formed.
  • Now slowly pour the caramel syrup over the beautifully arranged oranges on the platter.
  • Cover it and put it in the refrigerator to cool and settle for 2 hours at least.

Your Caramel Glazed Orange is ready to serve. If you wish you can add some almonds and hazelnuts too when arranging the oranges. It will taste delicious and rejuvenating when served even after you return home tired from work or workouts.