Fresh orange jam with calamansi juice mousse, sweet and sour taste full of fruit fragrance, surely it is served as the healthy dessert after a greasy meal.

Calamansi mousse

Whipping cream 250ml
Fresh calamansi juice 60ml
Egg white 1
Caster sugar 60g
Chopped calamansi peels 1 tablespoon
Gelatin 10g
Cake crust 6 <1/2cm thickness>
Honey pomelo jam 3 tablespoons

1. Peel off the calamansi and cut calamansi into halves and juicing
2. Chop the gelatin and soak in the fresh calamansi juice and calamansi peels
3. Heat the calamansi juice with soaked gelatin over water, until gelatin are utterly melted<gelatin is easy to condense coming into cold, so you should place them over hot water in avoid of condensing before using>
4. Whip the whipping cream and half of the sugar until 50% done. The acidity of calamansi is so strong that when making mousse with fresh calamansi juice, the cream shall not be whipped too over. Commonly we whip the cream until 60% done when making mousse, which state means the cream can flow slowly, but when making calamansi mousse, you’d better whip the cream until 50% done in order to keep a good liquidity, or the cream would condense after adding calamansi juice. Whereas cream needs to be whipped, or the mousse would lose the airy feeling with a heavy taste
5. To make Swiss meringue—place the egg white and the remaining sugar on a pot of hot water< do not let the mixing bowl directly get to the hot water or the egg white would be boiled >. Observe with the help of a thermometer, when the temperature arrives 122F, whip instantly to a normal foam. Do not place the meringue under room temperature if it is not used in short time, place it into the refrigerator
6. Stir in gelatin/calamansi juice with several spoons of well whipped cream, you will notice that the cream will soon condense into bulks, it doesn’t matter, make sure to mix well. And that’s why we shall mix them per several times, the character of acidity in calamansi makes it different in making mousse
7. Stir in a half cream and keep mingling
8. Pour the calamansi/light cream back into the remaining cream and mix well
9. Pour all the calamansi/light cream back into the meringue, mix and keep stirring for the liquidity of the mousse<make sure do not use egg beater but use a scraper, an egg beater will add more air into the mousse>
10. Pour the mousse into the pastry bag, and cut a little hole on top of the bag, and squeeze 90 percent of the mousse into the mold.
11. Put a little cake slice on the mousse surface, what I use is the sponge cake slices, you can replace them with chiffon cake slices, lady fingers or general whole wheat cookies or Oreo cookies
12. Put them into the freezer for almost three or four hours until shaping well. Then demould
13. Spoon a cream ball, pour a spoon of honey pomelo jam and place some candied orange shreds on the mousse cake