Fun with low-fat baked apples served in minutes

Stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest should be the motto of today. Life has become terribly hectic and stressful. Strain and tension cause various problems like high blood pressure, blood sugar and many others. Since you cannot really do away with tension, you need to rake care of your food habits so that you do not fall ill. The best way to stay healthy and fit is by counting your calories. Consume calories equal to the amount you burn through exercises.

Fats are one of the most required nutrients that the body requires to function properly. But excess of fat poses great dangers. Obesity is very common nowadays and that is due to excess fats that are found in the various types of fast foods and aerated drinks, excess cheese and confectionery items consumed quite often. The result is you are advised by the doctor to stay away from sweets and desserts. It is a pathetic state especially for someone who has a sweet tooth.
Fast-Baked Apples with Streusel
But do not worry. Just be careful when you have your desserts. Pick and choose those desserts that are made from fat-less ingredients to control your calorie intake yet enjoy your dessert. Here is a low-fat dessert recipe that you are sure to get fond of once you have it.

Fast-Baked Apples with Streusel

1. Large apples.
2. Sugar substitutes.
3. Uncooked 3-minutes cooking oats
4. Chopped dates or raisins.
5. Ground cinnamon.
6. Fat-free butter or margarine.


  • Wash and drain the apples. Core apples and cut out a cylinder with 1inch diameter from the middle of the apples. Do not core till the bottom.
  • Peel about 1/3 of the apples down from the top.
  • Place the apples in a shallow ceramic casserole or baking dish.
  • Take a small bowl and mix the sugar substitute, oats, raisins, dates and cinnamon.
  • Fill all the cored apples with this filling right to the top.
  • Place some butter or margarine on top of the filling inside the apples.
  • Now place the stuffed apples in the baking tray with cover and microwave it for 12 to 14 minutes on medium-high till tender. Turn the apples often to cook evenly.

Your dessert is ready to serve. This is a light alternative to an apple pie. It is extremely low in fat and is a satisfying treat for all. Enjoy the baked apples with streusel hot or cold any way you like.