Pears are really good to our health balance, especially for girls who are in the physical period, eat poached pear with brown sugar would be a good choice to release the menstrual pain.

It is a coincidence to make this poached pear with brown sugar. Before days I got a cough and I boiled pears with crystal sugar, I just thought to buy some chuanbei to boil the pears, but it costs too much money. So I just put crystal sugar in poached pears. And after that I was going through a physical period, thought that it would be a little cold and cool to eat pears, so I changed crystal sugar into brown sugar. And it looked like great. Girls who have been in physical period could try this recipe.


Poached pear with brown sugar

Poached pear with brown sugar



Pear  1
Brown sugar  2tablespoons
Pinch of water

1.Wash clean and peel off the pear, if you do not prepare to cut off the stem, notice to wash clean of the stem of the pear
2.Add pear and brown sugar into a pan, add enough water which submerges the pear, boil with big fire, and then turn into slow fire, boil for an hour, after boiling with electric cooker, turn into heat preservation status, and boil after 15 minutes, repeat two times
3.Before eat, keep the pear soaking in syrup until the temperature is low, if you boil too much, you can put the pear and syrup into the fridge and keep in storage for several hours, which would make the color looks like better. I soaked the pear and syrup in electric cooker overnight
4.If you want to eat hot pear and syrup, gently heat them after taking out from the fridge, if you want to eat ice dessert, directly eat them after taking out from the fridge


1.Add sugar according to your personal favorite, paler the less sugar, and more pears for more sugar. the sugar decides the color of the pears; boiling time would vary also according to your personal favorite, if you like crisp taste, do not boil too much
2.You can use the way to boil over water, by which the sugar and water shall be saved more
3.It is a necessary step to soak for the color, if you want to eat soon, you can neglect, but if not, you can soak a whole night or two days
4.Cut pears into cubes would be optional, tastes the same