Diabetes or high blood sugar problems have become quite common nowadays. We often think that the cause of Diabetes is intake of sugar based food and carbohydrates. But it is not entirely the cause. Tension, stress and heredity also lead to Diabetes in most cases. So whenever you see the yummy dessert being prepared, you feel low and just say to yourself, “I have Diabetes, so it is not for me!” and sigh.

Diabetic Desserts

Diabetic Desserts

But there is great news for all people who have Diabetes and love to enjoy desserts after meals. Making crunchy cookies and delicious pear bread pudding and also yummy fruit bowls is not that difficult. You can prepare wonderful desserts at home by using the substitutes of sugar but always in a limited quantity. These sugar-free desserts are not only for people with Diabetes but also those suffering from obesity and also for the young ones who crave for the slim and elegant looks while staying healthy.

Here are some tasty desserts that you can try and satisfy your cravings for sweets and desserts minus the calories and harmful effects of sugar on Diabetes patients.

1.Home-made crunchy cookies:

Ingredients that you require are all available at the regular stores so that you do not have to run for or place your orders at the bakeries. Plain flour, little baking powder, a pinch of salt, margarine in place of butter, fruit shortening and an egg are all the ingredients that you need to bake tasty cookies within a few minutes. You can eat them safely.

There is hardly any one who does not love chocolate. Sacrificing chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes and sundae is a pathetic affair. Here is another delicacy made for those who have Diabetes but have a tooth for chocolates.

2.Chocolate Chip Cookies:

You will need granulated fructose, egg, margarine, gluten-free flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips and vanilla extract. To make the cookies crunchy, sift baking soda, a pinch of salt and the flour together. Put it into the creamed mixture made of the other ingredients adding chocolate chips slowly. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in a greased cookie sheet greased lightly with margarine, and your tasty chocolate chip cookies are ready.

3.Apples are recommended for Diabetics only in a limited quantity. So you can bake an Apple Delight a few slices of apple and any other fruit slices that you prefer and pour the cool whip onto the baked fruits. Add a few nuts to garnish the dessert and serve it cool. This is one of the healthiest Diabetic desserts that you can have freely. The sugar content is extremely low and so is the carbohydrate the sweetness that is present in the dessert is fruit sugar that is harmless.

The sugar substitutes that is available at the stores today act as blessings for the sweet tooth. When someone in your family is a Diabetes patient and cannot enjoy the Christmas cakes and pudding and pies, you will naturally feel bad and will not be able to enjoy the delicacies your self too. The sugar substitutes are a real blessing for such people.

Diabetic Desserts

Diabetic Desserts

4.The best dessert recommended for Diabetes is the Fruit Punch. Add all the lovely fruits that you love of different colors and pour unsweetened smooth cream or smooth yogurt and add crunchy nuts or a few pieces of dark chocolate chips and see how yummy it tastes. It is healthy as well as sugar-free.

5.Pear bread pudding:

For the tasty pear bread pudding you need brown bread or multi-grain bread, cooking butter, low-fat cooking oil, pears, low-fat or skimmed milk, sugar substitutes, little honey, powdered cinnamon, powdered cloves and vanilla extract. If you often bake at home or prepare sugar-free desserts you must be having all the above ingredients.

6.Almonds and Cherries with baked Apples:

Chopped dried cherries, chopped almonds, wheat germ, sugar substitute, small apples, powdered cinnamon and nutmeg in small quantities, fresh apple juice, a little honey, walnut oil and a little water- these are all the ingredients that you would require to bake a tasty and delicious Diabetic dessert.

There are certain points that must be taken care of when purchasing ingredients for preparing Diabetic desserts. The sugar substitutes that are used must be of the best quality and up-to-date. Inspect the label of the pack thoroughly to check the calorie counts and also the date of manufacture. Buy all such items from reliable stores.

7. Try out the Walnut Cake with Rosemary. Use low-calorie flour, sugar substitutes and margarine in place of butter. The dessert turns out as a soft and juicy savory that you can serve all Diabetics and obese patients. They will simply love it.

Nowadays it is not very difficult to find Diabetic Dessert recipes. There are innumerable magazines, websites and also recipe books that contain different recipes for Diabetic patients.

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