To make macarons, the first and most important thing is to compound the ingredients in recipe precisely. Never change the recipe by yourself and it is important to choose a good recipe which would reduce your objective failure ratio to the lowest. I have tried two recipes myself to have a trial, and the most satisfied and recommeneded one is the Italian macarons, not only whose “laces” would be more rough, but also the thick silkness of paste is easier to get than French pattern, overcome the problem of hollow heart, but the best one is air drying faster! it needs only 5 minutes.

Secondly, the hardness of paste is the most important one. Too hard or too soft is unsuccessful. To feel the dense silkness during many practises.

Lastly, the hardest thing is squeezing and baking. The space between two marcaon shells must be large due to the content of macaron shells would be flowing during the air drying.

Italian cocoa macarons


Almond TPT: 119g <59.5g powdered sugar+53.5g almond powder+6g cocoa powder>
Egg whites: 20g <for mixing>
Egg whites: 25g <for whipping>
Caster sugar: 60g
Water: 20g

1. Add 20g egg whites for mixing in TPT
2. Bring sugar and water into boil at 244.4F-249.8F, pour the syrup instantly into the well whipped egg whites when removing the fire, keep whipping at a high speed until totally cooled
3. Add pinch of meringue into the step of 1, mix well, and pour the mixture into the remaining meringue, mix well with a gesture of macaronage. Repeat the gesture for 10-15 times until soft and glazing.<Maraconage means scraping the mixture from the bottom and press them along with the inner wall of the container, which is aimed at consistency of the foaming with meringue.>
4. Let dry for 30 minutes, until non-sticky to your hands
5. Squeeze paste into the pastry bag with 1cm diameter round tube, and cover the ovenware with a silver paper. Squeeze out 2cm diameter paste on the silver paper, shake the ovenware in order to help balancing. Puncture the bubbles with a toothpick, and air dry for 30 minutes
6. Preheat oven to 374F, bake for 4 minutes, and radiate by opening the oven door, turn over the ovenware, bake 10 minutes at 302F