Low fat dessert “Crystal clear raspberries” moderate sour and sweet raspberry with icy chocolate ganache, capture people who love to eat dessert but have a refined taste.

Crystal clear raspberries

Crystal clear raspberries < serving 12 >


Grape syrup 30g
Fresh cream 300g
Invert syrup 30g
Milky white chocolate 100g
Pure cocoa butter 34g
Fresh whipping cream 450g
Vanilla beans 2
Low protein flour 500g
Cream 500g
Caster sugar 500g
Almond powder 375g
Raspberry mashes 105g
Swiss crystal jelly 85g
Lemon juice 12g

1.To make white chocolate ganache:
1) Boil vanilla beans, grape syrup, light cream and invert syrup to 176F
2) Slowly stir in milky white chocolate and cocoa butter, then pour into a container
3) Pour 450g whipping cream directly on the step of 2), no need to stir, seal up the container and into the freezer for refrigerating approximately a day, and directly whip it with a slow speed using a blender the other day
2.To make almond particles: mingle light cream and caster sugar, stir in low protein flour and almond powder, bake to 392F until fragrant and then mash them with your hands
3.To make raspberry mash jam: stir in a container with raspberry mashes, Swiss crystal jelly and lemon juice, let cool for using
4.To combine: place almond particles on the bottom of the glass, squeeze white chocolate ganache, and pour raspberry mash jam on the surface, and at last place fruits and sprinkle almond sugar for dressing

1.The unit price of vanilla beans is comparatively high, you can replace them with vanilla extract, the main aim is to add this dessert with some vanilla flavor
2.When baking the almond particles, please bake for 8 minutes at the first time, and then take them out and chop them, put into the oven again for 8 minutes and repeat 3 times
3.Raspberry mashes can be replaced by raspberry juice