Yummy Diabetic Desserts to Satisfy You

Diabetes is no doubt a grave problem especially who are fond of sweets. But is it really so? Do the blood sugar levels rise because you are fond of sweets and desserts? It is important to know that not only sweets are the cause behind diabetes. Excess of carbohydrates and fats that are not burned out by the body increase sugar levels and you become a diabetic. So take care of the calories that you take in and calculate how much you burn to stay away from diseases like diabetes.

However, if you are detected with high blood sugar or obesity, you must maintain a diabetic diet routine as prescribed by your doctor. But do not fee sorry that you have to resist yourself from having the delicious desserts that are served after supper and during Christmas. There are innumerable diabetic dessert recipes that will appease your cravings for sweets and desserts. If you can be a little innovative and store some of the low-calorie and sugar-free ingredients, you can cook up amazing diabetic desserts in minutes.

Cherries with Toasted Almonds and Pistachios and Ricotta

Have you tasted the Cherries with Toasted Almonds and Pistachios and Ricotta? Here is the diabetic dessert recipe for you that is easy to make and good for your health.

Cherries with Toasted Almonds and Pistachios and Ricotta


1. Fresh cherries (Avoid canned fruits for they are preserved in syrup).
2. Almonds.
3. Pistachios.
4. Ricotta.
5. Sugar substitutes.
6. Lemons or oranges.
7. Cinnamon


  • Wash all the fruits that you are going to use and deseed them.
  • Take care to buy the low-fat Ricotta cheese.
  • Cut all the fruits like cherries and if you wish to use seasonal berries into small pieces.
  • Take a decorative microwave bowl and put all the cut fruits into it.
  • Microwave on high till the fruits become soft.
  • Now remove from oven and add Ricotta.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon powder and sugar substitute for added zing and sweetness.
  • Add the finely chopped roasted almonds and pistachios.
  • Top up with fresh orange or lemon zests to brighten up your dessert.

Your delicious diabetic dessert is ready to serve. The main point to remember when you are on a diabetic meal plan is to eat in measured amounts whatever you have. It may be your meals or the desserts. Keep a balance of your calorie-intake so that you stay healthy and smiling always.