Were you constantly drawn to the beautiful desserts in shop windows of the bakery? Or, did you feel some kind of hesitation when facing a diversity of ice creams in refrigerating cabinets? Provided you discover that desserts for sale are all added with excess sugar, butter and pigments which barely have the nutrients, you won’t give it a look at all if you are afraid of weight gain.

It is suggested that the everyday intake of calories ought to be 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men if you want to keep slim. And desserts are permitted, but better less than 200 kcal. If you eat dessert of 100 kcal one day, the intake of total calories shall be reduced to 1100 kcal for women and 1400 kcal for men at that day.

The everyday intake of calories will vary depending on height, weight, age and life or work pattern, it recommended that the intake of desserts shall be less than 10 percent of the total calories. For example, she who can ingest total calories of 1200 kcal could only eat dessert of 120 kcal at most (1200 x 10%), so knowing the calories of diverse ingredients is a lesson you should take if you want to eat desserts everyday but still keep slim.


Sugar can be replaced by fresh fruits which are super rich in fiber, enzyme, vitamins and dietary minerals. When you add fruits that emit natural sweetness in desserts, they could be helpful to your body metabolism and beautify your face and satisfy your stomach.



NameWeightCalorie (kcal)
Lime2 (220g)48
Orange1 (170g)60
Strawberry10 (170g)60
Mango2/3 (225g)61
Apple1 (130g)61
Grape12 (130g)61
Apricot1 (120g)61
Blueberry15 (150g)61
Pear1 (200g)61
Banana1/2 (190g)61
Cherry tomato12 (175g)62
Peach1 (150g)62
Kiwi1 (120g)64
Pineapple1slice (130g)68
Pomelo1 (330g)81
Papaya1 (380g)124

Milk & Milk Powder

Milk and milk powder can be divided into full fat, low fat and non-fat. If you want to keep a well shape, better use low fat milk instead of either full fat or non-fat milk, because full fat milk will increase your intake of calories, while non-fat milk has a taste that is barely satisfactory. Milk working as a seasoning to taste contains abundant protein, calcium and vitamin B and will increase the milky flavor in desserts, it will also help lose weight besides making your desserts mouthwatering.



NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Non-fat milk50ml17
Low fat milk50ml25
Whole milk50ml31
Non-fat milk powder10g36
Low fat milk powder10g42
Full fat milk powder10g51

Oil & Fat

Most of the people think that weight loss shall barely ingest oil and fat, but actually it is wrong. Oil & fat is one of the three huge nutrients in human body. Mood, skin and health will be severely affected by non-intake of oil & fat for a long run. Proper oil & fat will help your body function normally and generate satiety to firm your determination on weight loss.

Olive oil and grape seed oil belong to healthy oils taking on higher unsaturated fatty acid that restrains the augment of blood lipids and aging problems. Light flavor of oil would not drop in dessert flavor, so that it is usually a substitute for butter and shortening.

Unsalted butter refined from milk is a must-have ingredient for making desserts, which has a dense and smooth mouthfeel but weak in high calories. To taste occasionally would not gain weight, for calories will be consumed by doing exercises properly and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Olive oil


NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Salad oil5ml44
Olive oil5ml44
Grape seed oil5ml44
Unsalted butter20g55

Cheese & Yogurt

Choose low fat cheese, sugarless yogurt or original yogurt to make dessert as far as possible. During your weight loss period, eating more yogurts will help digestion and evacuation; low fat cheese is an extremely soft cheese containing the lowest calories.



NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Sugar-free Yogurt50ml37
Low fat cheese100g45
Low fat cheese slices1slice (20g)47
Low fat & sugarless yogurt50g79

Sugar & Sweetener

Sugar is an important ingredient in desserts and has lots of variety like caster sugar (most commonly used), powdered sugar, brown sugar and crystal sugar. Sweeteners such as honey will improve the manipulation of excellent bacteria and regulate your intestines and stomach. Honey has different flavors according to different flowers bees are gathering nectar from. While black sugar is produced by boiling cane juice and has a unique aroma.



NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Powdered sugar1tsp (3g)12
Caster sugar1tsp (4g)15
Brown sugar1tsp (4g)15
Crystal sugar1tsp (5g)19
Black sugar1tsp (3g)11
Honey1tsp (7g)


Grains & Coarse Cereals

Grains & Coarse Cereals are rich in fiber and vitamin B, including flour, unpolished rice, millet and so on. They have the function to promote gastrointestinal motility and metabolism. High protein flour has the highest content of protein, by releasing extremely sticky gluten, it is certainly an indispensable element to make bread; low protein flour contains not a little carbohydrates but less protein that make it suitable to bake fine cake, pie or crackers, while all-purpose flour has a moderate toughness between both of the two flours.

Unpolished rice and millet belong to alkaline food which can provide complete nutrients and modulate acid body, as a natural weight loss food, it helps make a normal metabolism in your body.



NameWeightCalorie (kcal)
Unpolished rice100g177
Whole wheat flour50g179
High protein flour50g181
All-purpose flour50g181
Low protein flour50g182
Buckwheat flour50g184

Cocoa Powder & Chocolate

Cocoa butter in cocoa powder and chocolate is able to stimulate our brains and relax our mood, but make sure to choose sugar-free ones in order to achieve your aim of weight loss. If you have a habit of drinking coffee everyday, less than 2 cups per day would be good to your health and will avoid calcium loss.



NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Sugar-free cocoa powder15g43
Dark chocolate10g44

Food Coagulator & Egg

Flexible and crisp in taste, gelatin and jelly powder are coagulators with super low calories. Gelatin is refined from the skin of animals and has two types—piece-like and powder-like. Gelatin needs to be soaked with cold water before using and is likely to condense only under low temperature. And jelly powder is a best mixed pectin to make jelly and sorbet.



NameComponentCalorie (kcal)
Original jelly powder1tsp (3g)3
Gelatin5 pcs15
Egg1 (60g)75