We all are aware of the truth that “Health is Wealth”. So why should you neglect your health problems and eat whatever you like? You can always have healthy foods and a controlled diet that will keep your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and heart problems at bay. Yet if you are detected with cardiac problems, there is no need to get tensed. Here are certain steps to control high cholesterol that will natural keep your heart healthy.

Healthy Heart Desserts

  1. First of all you need to consult an experienced doctor and take his opinions as soon as you feel unwell or any kinds of uneasiness that you have not experienced before.
  2. If he asks you to go through some tests make sure to get it done on time from a reliable diagnostic center.
  3. On your physician’s advice, you should consult a cardiologist for further advice and treatments.

Apart from medicines and exercises there is yet another small way that can keep you healthy. It is making slight changes in your lifestyle that can bring about great benefits to your heart health. If you wish to stay healthy and happy you must maintain the following rules that will not only take care of your heart’s health but will surely reduce the chances of cardiac problems and diabetes as well. The rules are very simple and easy to follow. Here they are:

  • You have to maintain your weight. Over-weight people are more prone to high cholesterol and cardiac arrests.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid those elements that have high amounts of saturated fats and very high protein contents.
  • Keep a check on your blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as lower the cholesterol level.
  • If you have the bad habit of smoking you must stop it by all means. Even alcohol is bad for your health.
  • Do not sit at home all the time. Be active, go for regular walks, do some light exercises under the guidance of a professional. The more you work out, the chances of fat accumulation and increase in weight will naturally be controlled.
  • Choose the right ingredients in your regular diet. This habit will allow you to have all your favorite foods and desserts as well.
  • Educate your self with information about the different causes of heart problems, how to tackle them and reduce risks of cardiac arrests.

Desserts for a Healthy Heart

Fruits are one of the most essential of foods that are sources of vitamins, calcium and anti-oxidants that keep everyone healthy. Vegetables too are highly beneficial for good health. It is important to avoid too many fats, excess of sugar and spicy dishes and smoking. All those who are fond of desserts, can enjoy their favorite delicacies by being choosing those elements that do not harm your heart health.

Here are some heart healthy desserts that you can have but in a measured quantity if you want to have such desserts everyday after dinner. You must cunt your calories to stray healthy and fit.

Blueberry punch is a delicious dessert that you can have safely. Blueberries are nutritious and good for the heart. These are packed with fiber and antioxidants. Moreover they are available all round the year.

Baked apples and blueberries too taste amazing. You can top it up with fat-free cream and chopped nuts for a crunchy treat.

Pancakes or muffins with fresh frozen blueberries serve for a delicious heart healthy dessert.

Strawberry short cakes are easy to bake and are just right as a dessert for a cardiac patient.

Actually you can have everything and satisfy your taste buds. The rule is to eat in measured quantity and the desserts that are prepared with ingredients that are heart healthy and low in fat contents.

Cream Cheese-Berry Coffee Cake is extremely tasty and soft. You will not require any toppings or frosting for this dessert. It is a low-sodium coffee cake made with fat-free ingredients to save guard your heart. It is so yummy and soft that you will hardly realize that it has only 150 calories.

You can also try out the Maple-Pecan Crunch Pumpkin Pie. It is a creamy pumpkin pie that is full of flavors. Top it up with homemade toppings that are low in carbohydrates and fats and added sugar. This heart healthy dessert has only 143 calories.

When you want to prepare the best heart healthy dessert, then try to bake something tasty and yummy like the Apple Cranberry Crisp. It is a crispy dessert that is a combination of cranberries and tart apples balanced with crunchy oats or cornflakes topping. Use sugar substitutes to give a sweet touch.

When you are preparing desserts for people who have heart problems, take special care to choose the right ingredients so that all that you serve is healthy and take care of your heart efficiently while getting full satisfaction of desserts.

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