Generally speaking, to make black forest cake you need not complicated skills, just bake a chocolate chiffon or sponge cake, and cut them to three slices, brush cherry wine and fresh cream, sprinkle some black cherries on one slice, and cover anther, and repeat brushing cherry wine and such like that, and at last cover the third one and wipe fresh cream on the whole cake and sprinkle chocolate chops, and that’s over.

Of course, if you want to make an original black forest cake, that would be much complicated than this. It is said that Germany has a regulation that it much contain at least 80g cherry wine in cream of black forest cake, and even it is said that original black forest cake permits no flour, but nut flour instead.


Black forest cherry cream cake


Black forest cherry cream cake <8 inch>

For the chocolate chiffon cake:
Eggs 5
Low protein flour 70g
Cocoa powder 30g
Caster sugar 60g<add in egg whites>
Caster sugar 40g<add in egg yolks>
Salad oil 65ml
Water 65ml
Baking powder 4/5 teaspoon

For the dressing:
Fresh cream 360ml
Powdered sugar 50g
Candied black cherry half bottle
Cherry wine pinch
Dark chocolate 150g
1.Bake a 8 inch chocolate chiffon cake according to the way of making chiffon cake. Let cool and demould, cut into three slices horizontally
2.Whip fresh cream with sugar, brush cherry wine on one slice of cake, and them wipe whipped fresh cream, and place chopped black cherries on
3.Cover the second chiffon cake, press hard, brush cherry wine and wipe whipped fresh cream, lay chopped black cherries
4.Cover the third slice of chiffon cake, press hard. Brush fresh cream outside the whole cake, sprinkle chopped chocolates, and squeeze out 16 cream flower, and put on 16 whole black cherries


1.Except chocolate chiffon cake, the cake base of black forest cake could chocolate sponge cake, or could be any cake that you like
2.You can replace cherry wine with rum or brandy if you can not buy it. If you make this cake for your kids, better do not put in wine, you can use cherry juice for instead
3.Prepare more chocolate chops, you can stir in chocolate chops in fresh cream when brushing the fresh cream on intercalated layer, by which way the mouthfeel is so good
4.Do not directly touch the chocolate chops with your hands, or they will melt on your hands. Scrape the chocolate chops using a knife and gently place on the side of the cake and on top of the cake
5.It is key to chop chocolate well. You can cut chocolate into bulks, and heat over water and keep stirring, this way the chocolate would melt easier, and pour the melted chocolate into a big plate, after the chocolate in plate is freezing, using a big spoon, scrape on it thus a lot of beautiful chocolate chops are generated