Banana is full of nutrition and tastes well, every 100g fruit pulps contain  1.2g protein, 0.9g coarse fiber, 9mg calcium… and carotene, vitamin C and E…Thus people from kids to old aged can eat to get balanced nutrition. And what’s more, banana is a kind of low calory food, people on a diet can eat heartedly.

Cookies, are always crisp with taste in our impression. But nowadays, soft cookies are more and more popular. Cookie itself is a kind of thing that is hard to define, cake paste can make cookies too, such as lady fingers, which is just made by sponge cake. In return, if add more eggs in butter cookies and bake them, that would be just like pound cake. So it’s ordinary of this special soft cookies now.

After all, why the soft cookies are soft, the main reason would be the water content. If a cake is full of moisture, that is very soft to eat. Vice versa. So, how to design the recipe is a key. I’ve settled the water content in the cookies and the baking time in a reasonable range, which makes the cookies have both the characteristics of cake and biscuit.

Actually, cookie is just so simple.


Banana soft cookies


Banana soft cookies<For 35 pieces>
Low protein flour 100g
Butter 60g
Caster sugar 35g
Rum 1tbsp<15ml>
Egg yolk 1
Banana 1<120g after peeling off>
Baking soda 1/4tsp<1.25ml>

1.Peel off the banana, put it into a pot, mash the banana into puree with a rolling pin
2.Heat the banana puree with medium fire until it’s boiling, keep stirring in the heating. Turn to slow fire after boiling, keep mixing until the banana puree becomes jam
3.Let cool
4.Cut butter into cubes, add caster sugar, whip with an egg beater for 1 minute
5.Add egg yolk, keep whipping for 30 seconds
6.Add the banana jam into the butter
7.Mix well with an egg beater
8.Add rum
9.Sift the flour and baking soda into the butter
10.Mix with a knife, until it turns into a dough. Put it into the fridge for a moment, avoid of sticky
11.Take out the dough, make it a pillar, put it into the fridge for freezing
12.Take out the dough, cut it into 0.5cm thick slices
13.Lay the slices on the ovenware<leave a space between every two biscuits>. Put it into the 374F preheated oven for 10 minutes

1.Must boil with slow fire when making banana jam, and keep stirring. The banana jam shall not be too watery or it will not mix well with the butter
2.This is a soft cookie between cake and biscuit. You can eat after cool down. But if you put them into the oven for 15 secondes, the taste would be more soft
3.Better choose matured banana with black spots on the surface
4.Must control the water content of soft cookies strictly. This banana soft cookies shall bake for 10-12 minutes, if you bake too long, the taste would change.