Tips of eating sweets to lose weight
To live a life without sweets is like breaking your heart, you can not bear too much even knowing that it would destroy your pursuit of beauty. How? Eating sweets can gain you weight and let yourself become a chubby and thus your beautiful clothes will leave you far away, your S figure will probably change into a bucket figure. Totally a disaster. But, everything in the world is not unconditional if you find a proper way to deal with. So, how to eat sweets to lose weight? There are a lot of things I want to tell you.


It is really dangerous to eat sweets before going to sleep at night, because sugar in the sweets that we eat shall be metabolized by doing exercise, so you are easier to be entangled by fat if you eat sweets at night.
Solution: Sweets lovers would better have a try to eat their favorite sweets in the early morning or before working, you could have a beautiful mood while withstanding the cold temperature on the road to your office.

Typically, it is forbidden to gulp down your sweets, eat snacks faster and your blood sugar will rise faster, so that the calories cannot be consumed timely and it will remain in the body and turn into fat.
Solution: Enjoy sweets slowly will help calorie consumption and stabilizing your mood.

You will spend a whole day’s work or exercise to metabolize your sweets eaten in the early morning, under such conditions, to eat 100g – 200g fruits, 50g – 100g cakes or crackers, or even a small piece of chocolate will not accumulate fat in your body, it depends on you to control or not.

If you eat a little bit more sweets in the morning, better eat some vegetables at noon and in the evening, it will help digestion and also will share the pressure of a high sugar intake.


Although both fructose and sucrose will cause obesity, but fructose is sweeter than sucrose whose sweetness value is usually close to 200, while sucrose is only about 100, which differs a double. That means you can use less of it to achieve a better result.

And both fructose and sucrose have comparable calories, but the speed of turning fructose into fat is slower than sucrose, which means you have more time to metabolize it.

Solution: Honey and apple sugar are very common fructose, when you bake cakes or cookies, try to use them instead of caster sugar, it will add your end-products a different flavor.


In addition to the morning, try to avoid eating sweets on an empty stomach, because it is the best time to absorb calories when you have an empty stomach, and it is easier to eat more unknowingly.

Solution: High calorie sweets such as cheese cake shall be eaten after dinner for it will be digested along with the dietary fiber, and calorie absorption will be relatively small, you won’t eat too much. It is definitely to put an end to eat sweets after meals, because our body is magically to absorb calorie more often than any other time, if you eat sweets or snacks for supper and immediately go to bed, then sugar is easily to be converted into fat and stays in your body, you will get more harm than ever.

Besides, you shall not eat sweets if you feel fatigue, the sweets will consume the vitamin B in your body so that it makes you feel more tired, and fat will be increased virtually.


If you ardently love sweets, if you are overweight, if you cannot control to put in sugar with a spoon, then you man can go for a stroll of food additive shops. Stevioside and cyclamate that are used as sweetener, its sweetness is often several times more than sucrose, but they belong to plant extracts that will cause no harm to our bodies. The xylitol is softer with a sweetness fair to sucrose.

Solution: Those “Sugar substitutes” can be used as raw ingredients for our sweets. Although they are sweet, but the calorie is almost zero with a chemical property completely different from sugar, so you shall not worry about gaining weight after eating, nor tooth damage.

Sweeteners are more suitable for jelly, pudding, or canned food, they have a better taste than sugar. It’s worth noticing that you can’t replace sugar with sweeteners for too much long time for the sweeteners have no nutrients, if you consume sweeteners long-term, it is easier to get hypoglycemia. A better way is to eat them interchangeably.


When you hold a sweets in your hands, do you know how much sugar it contains? You might probably say that sweets is certainly sugary, actually it’s not the case.

Solution: It is just not right to abandon sweets with a composition sheet written stevioside or cyclamate, and there is no high-fat in other ingredients. Also if there is glucose or fructose in some sweets, and that are very good. However, we can selectively and quantitatively to eat sweets written sucrose. It is not easy to satiety if it says high fructose syrup, which is more attractive to people and lead them to eat too much unknowingly.

On the composition sheet, most sweets are in 100 grams with a label of sugar content per 100 grams, it is easy to give you the wrong impression that it is the sugar content of the entire package of sweets, so you eat a bag of sweets and ingest several times to ten times sugar more than the composition sheet.

Our focus should not be only on the sugar, we have to pay attention to the content of fat and grease, which make us easier to gain weight than sugar.

To look at the composition sheet can help us to compare the sugar content of different sweets. Sometimes a biscuit contains more sugar than a bulk of chocolate, a can of Coke is more terrible than a piece of cake, only we were confused by the appearance of the food.


On weekdays, we can eat sweets with low calories like jelly, yogurt, fruit or soda crackers. More importantly, we must learn how to match our sweets with proper partners to let sweets sweet but not greasy.

Solution: We can eat whole wheat bread with a partner of fruit, both whole grain fiber and fruit fiber are able to maintain a good figure, traces of sugar does not cause obesity, besides drinking water while eating bread will affect the digestion of our stomach, avoiding fat deposition.

Of course, it is necessary to be equipped with some mint water or tea, they themselves have the role to lose fat, or some foaming soda water will be okay, which can increase your feeling of fullness and thus make you eat less.

When you eat crackers, mix them with some vegetables or sour fruits, those foods can reduce the sweetness and consumption of crackers. Anyway, it is best to control your total daily intake of sugar under 50 grams or lower, so a good figure will be maintained and beauty will find you again.


You ought to eat less sweets if you do less exercises, but usually it’s a holiday the peak time to eat sweets by many people. When you are at home for a holiday, you feel relaxed, and believe it or not, you will eat too much more sweets than usual, besides nesting at home won’t make you a sports guru, obesity will naturally come to find you.

Solution: If the total daily consumption of sugar exceeds 50g, then each more 50g will need extra 45 minutes’ exercises. So, if we unintentionally eat a half 9 inch cake, we need to play a tennis game or climb mountains more than two hours. And don’t think that we can eat as much as we want only if we do exercise, exercising is just a remedy, the key to a good figure is to start from controlling your appetite.

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