Are you one of the group of people who love to eat sweets? Do you worry about weight? Do you feel sinful to eat sweets? Must we suppress to keep a good figure? Weight loss is not equal to ascetic practices. Why should we give up the enjoyment that sweets brought to us?

88.99% of women are addicted to sweets.

99.88% of women cherish their figures.

“I can’t eat sweets.” This is your excuse. There will be symptoms of addiction when you quit cigarettes or alcohol, many people would feel very uncomfortable before they completely quit. But it won’t have physiological discomfort if you refuse to eat sweets.

Sweets bring us the greatest happiness.” A lot of people regard sweets as a daily major food. Those people have a very uneven nutritional status which leads to an increasingly inadequate of nutrition intake if they do not eat sweets. So it’s unavailable not to eat sweets for those people.

Can’t we eat sweets in order to lose weight? Certainly it’s not the case. We can eat a small amount of sweets as planned. To achieve this aim, we should first know what are sweets made of. The main ingredients of sweets are flour, butter, sugar, milk and eggs. From the perspective of the four groups of food, sweets are based on the fourth group (milk and eggs), with a small amount of the first group (flour and pinch fruit). Here we can see from the above that sweets are high in calories. For example, a cream filling sweets with a base of diameter of 6cm-7cm has 200 calories, a little bulk of apple pastry (almost 50g) has 160 calories, a cake has 250 caloreis. If you eat 2 or 3 of those sweets a day, you’re done. First, cut half of those sweets, and cut another half after you are used to it. Gradually you will feel everything goes well without a hitch. And this is a way to eat sweets to lose weight.

Another way is to choose what sweets you will eat so that you can lose weight without pain. Well honey can save you! Minerals, vitamins and simple sugars are effective components to lose weight. So today I introduce you with 8 sweets within 200 calories containing honey as sweetener, you can lose weight while eating sweets!

Fruit yogurt salad (177 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
4-5 strawberries, 1 banana, 1/4 apple, 2 teaspoons orange wine, 150ml sugarless yogurt, 1 and a half spoon honey

Time taken: 10 minutes

1. Rinse strawberries and cut them halves, peel off banana and slice thick, remove the stone of apple and peel off and cut into cubes
2. In a bowl put in all the fruits, pour a little orange wine, then add yogurt and honey, stir

Fruit yogurt salad

Cornmeal & Yogurt (193 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
300ml sugar-free yogurt, 4 spoons cornmeal, 2 spoons honey

Time taken: 2 minutes

1. In a bottle pour in yogurt, stir in honey to taste
2. Pour cornmeal in the bottle

Cornmeal & Yogurt
Wine stained pineapple (131 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
Pinch pineapples, 2 spoons honey, 50ml white wine, 150ml water, 1/4 vanilla bean

Time taken: 15 minutes

1. Peel off and remove the stone of pineapple, rinse and cut into bulks
2. Cut vanilla bean into half, scrape the particles down from the bean, prepare a little pot and add in particles, white wine and water, heat with medium fire, then remove the fire and let cool under room temperature, stir in honey to taste
3. Pour the honey wine in the bowl, add in pineapple and stain

Wine stained pineapple
Honey kiwi milk (166 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
2 kiwis, 150ml sugarless yogurt, 100ml milk, 1 and a half honey

Time taken: 5 minutes

1. Rinse and peep off the kiwis, cut a half of 1 kiwi into cubes, and chop the remaining kiwis
2. Blend chopped kiwis into a blender, add yogurt, milk and honey and blend for 10 seconds
3. Pour the kiwi milk into a bottle, top with kiwi cubes

Honey kiwi milk
Honeydew sweet potato (199 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
1 toast sweet potato, 2 spoons wine vinegar, 1 spoon honey

Time taken: 10 minutes

1. Prepare a toast sweet potato, or you can steam the sweet potato (calories will be lower), peel off the sweet potato and cut into bulks as you like
2. Pour wine vinegar and honey in a container, mix, cover it with a plastic wrap, heat in oven for 1-2 minutes
3. Spread sweet and sour honeydew on the sweet potato


Honeydew sweet potato
Honey milk jelly (146 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
200ml milk, 10g honey, 2.5g gelatin, 2 spoons water, 2 spoons strawberry jam

Time taken: 1 hour

1. Soak gelatin in water, stir
2. Pour milk and honey in a pot, heat a litter, then pour in gelatin water and mix
3. Put mixed liquid into a little bowl, let cool in the fridge until condensed
4. Remove it from the fridge and top with some strawberry jam

Honey milk jelly

Honey ginger red tea (121 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
10g arrow roots, 200ml water, 200ml hot water, 2 bags of red tea, 2 spoons ginger juice, 2 spoons honey

Time taken: 10 minutes

1. Pour 200ml water in a pot, melt the arrow roots, at the mean time bubble red tea with hot water
2. Heat arrow root water with slow fire and stir gently, pour in red tea and mix
3. Pour in a glass, stir in some sauce and honey

Honey ginger red tea

Honey wine fragrance stewed pears (128 calories)

Ingredients: (serving 2)
A pear, 130ml white wine, 1 spoon honey, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 clove

Time taken: 20 minutes

1. Peel off and remove the stones of pears, cut into 4 equal parts, plug in clove on one of them
2. In a pot add white wine, honey, and cinnamon, heat with open fire
3. After boiling, throw in pears, cover the lid, boil with medium fire for 8-9 minutes
4. Remove the fire and open the lid and let cool

Honey wine fragrance stewed pears