It has annoyed so many women that foods that are in higher calorie and higher sugar would be more delicious, and more people feel satisfied. But in order to lose weight, we often have to give up those delicacies. Actually there is no need to give up those savories for there are secrets to achieve weight loss and taste bud satisfaction best of both worlds. So in the end what to do to get both thin and delicious?

1. USE SPICES PROPERLY. Use some spices in Indian curry is one of the secrets. For example, cinnamon oil is able to effectively reduce the amount of blood sugar, cholesterol and neutral fat; and cardamom can promote fat burning also effectively. If add cinnamon oil into coffee or spread slightly on French toast and donuts, the taste would be very yummy; cardamom is particularly proper for ice cream, milky tea. However, if use and consume excessively, it would cause harm to the body, so we should pay attention to eat properly.

2. EAT SWEETS AS BREAKFAST. According to some experiment that comparing with low calorie and sugarless food that you used to eat as your breakfast, sugary food with average calorie however will be likely to help lose weight. And in the sixteen weeks after the experiment, the group of testers who eat low calorie and sugar-free food has got a rebound phenomenon and their respective weight has increased after restoring normal diet. Whereas the group of testers with sugary food has reduced weight a lot.

On the basis of this result, the research team concluded that to eat sweets as breakfast is able to reduce the secretion of “Ghrelin”. In addition, to eat sweets after breakfast can reduce stress and the sense of fasting, and also prevent over-eating. The above experimental study researches about the problem of calorie intake, which does not mean you can eat lots of sweet in breakfast.

3. DEOILING. When speaking of tasty but high-energy snacks, donuts would be the one, but if you want to enjoy heartily of this sweets, you’d better get the oil of donuts removed. Cover a heated pot with a layer of thermal paper, and then spread another plastic wrap on the thermal paper, heat in a microwave oven for 20 minutes, that way you can deoil effectively. Or if you put donuts in a bread baking oven with aluminum foil covered in, just 1 minute it is able to remove the oil of donuts.

4. DRINK TEA. If you match sweets with Pu’er or black bean tea, it is likely to restrain the absorption of calories and sugar effectively. Pu’er tea is a rich source of polymer catechins, which is able to accelerate fat metabolism and inhibit the absorption of sugar. Black bean tea can prevent constipation for it contains water-soluble plant fiber, and also it will restrain the absorption and accumulation of fat and sugar.

There are 3 DIY sweets which will not gain you weight, but will make your taste bud satisfied.


Strawberry is a rich source of pectin and fiber which help digestion and prevent constipation. Every 100g strawberries contains 60mg vitamin C.

1. Break dark chocolate into pieces, place in small container that is used for microwave, add a little water; heat over medium heat for 4 minutes in the microwave to make most part of the chocolate melt; after removing the container from the microwave, add a spoonful of hot water, stir and let chocolate fully melt
2. Rinse the strawberries and put in the container
3. Plug in the bottom of the washed strawberries with a clean small toothpick, the length into the strawberries shall make them not easily fall
4. Holding a toothpick, put the most part of the strawberries into melted chocolate, gently turn and take them out
5. strawberries can be eaten until the chocolate is condensed, ideal for weight loss

Strawberry chocolate

Mix evenly walnuts, pumpkin seeds, soybeans and cranberries plus the spice, stir with a small amount of honey and shape them into a group. A delicious and no increasing of blood sugar sweets is ready to serve! Bite a little and you will fall in love with it.

A egg white, a spoonful of honey, a dish of walnuts, 1/2 dish of pumpkin seeds, 1/3 dish of sunflower seeds, a spoonful of cinnamon, a spoonful of ginger, 1/4 tablespoon cardamom

1. Firstly preheat oven to 356F, cover with baking paper
2. In a container, add honey and egg white, stir,, and then add other ingredients and mix well
3. Pinch into a small group, put in oven for 18-20 minutes until golden and brown, it can be eaten after cooling

Flavory nuts group



As I said before, strawberry is very helpful for weight loss, and the egg in this pudding contains thorough amino acid, from which the leucine is able to help decompose fat and stabilize blood sugar, and also prevents muscle loss.

1. Prepare milk, eggs, rinse and slice strawberries
2. Add honey in eggs, beat well. Pour milk slowly into the egg wash per several times. When you do the pouring, mix thoroughly each time
3. Sift milk/egg wash liquid for 2 times, filter air bubbles, pour the liquid in a pot with cold water (do not lid tight, leaving a space to avoid cellular), steam for 15 minutes after boiling
4. don’t be hurry to take the pudding out, simmer for 2 minutes before opening the lid, add chopped strawberry slices

Strawberry pudding

The recipes for weight loss that I have shared above will help enjoy the tasty sweets, and what’s more important, they will help you prevent high calorie intake and detox. Girls who love sweets may have a try to make them yourselves, and I think it would be more delicious to eat sweets that you yourself have made.