I like all desserts containing of praline, and I think he who invents praline is a genius, a French noble chef who’s first name is Praslin. And praline just comes from his noble first name Praslin.

~~~Praline macarons~~~

Praline macarons

Praline macarons

Ingredients: 1 egg, 125gr caster sugar, 250gr softened butter, 250gr praline
Notice: I used praline for itself contains sugar, so the 125gr sugar in the recipe could be reduced to 70-80gr, which is fine

For the filling:
1.Add egg and sugar into a pot, whip the paste to a light foam and a pale color over hot water. Remove the paste until it’s warm, and keep whipping until it cools down
2.Put softened butter into it per several times, stir until it’s fine and smooth, keep whipping for 10 minutes until the cream is light
3.Add praline, mix<If the filling is watery, ,refrigerate for a while>
4.Finally, sprinkle some hazelnut smashes or almond smashes, and put them into the oven<Take reference of macaron recipes of how to make shells of macarons I wrote previously>

It should be noticed that moisture absorption is a problem because the water content in butter of praline is little. French dessert master Christophe Felder has recommended a method, which is, to fog with water on the shells of macarons when stuffing the filling.