We always feel that snacks and desserts are the enemies of weight loss, so even we desperately want to eat them, and we only look at them, heart-broken. It’s a bad and painful feeling to look at them but not to eat them. How to find an effective way to enjoy the delicious food while not gain weight? We have a daily 11 ways to make you lose weight easily.


It’s one of Japan’s popular weight loss methods. The earliest egg white diet has only boiled eggs and vegetables, after years of evolution, today’s egg white diet menu contains more food, such as fish, shrimps, rice and noodles. Actually egg whites contain rich protein that is almost the same as meat; adults can eat them with lots of vegetables and reduce the intake of meat everyday, 5-6 egg whites per day are proper for them.

Menu: Eat egg whites with peach oatmeal, a cup of water as breakfast; toast shrimps and egg plants with a cup of hot lime tea as lunch; roast Basa fillet with spicy bean and fermented egg whites, a bowl of mixed vegetables and a cup of water.

Notice: do not eat more than sever sequent days, cooking methods should be steaming, boiling or stir-frying with less oil, drink at least 8 glasses of water, weight loss regimen shall not be surpassed 2 times with a month.


Konjac is a food that contains no calorie but rich fiber, the best way to eat konjac is to try to match each meal with konjac, due to that the taste of konjac is similar with rice and very light, so cook konjac with rice will get you a full stomach and thereby reduce the caloric intake.

Notice: As for the extremely popular “Konjac jelly”, it can be effective in the treatment of constipation; however, because the “jelly” is added with fruit juice and sugar, so each small cup of “jelly” contains 100 kcal, it shouldn’t be eaten frequently.


The market-sold gel contains only 80-100 kcal if not added with dairy products, which is low in calorie and can be served as sweets for people who are losing weight.

Notice: The ingredient of gel is bone glue whose main component is protein; it contains almost no dietary fiber, so it has no function of constipation.


Those who need to use lactic acid bacteria diet shall persist on three days to eat only sour yogurt, enzyme drinks, vegetables juice and water. Since this is part of a very low calorie diet and daily calorie intake is so few that can help quick lose weight.

Notice: it’s the muscle layer rather than fat that is been lost by this method, so if you pick up your old eating habits, you will probably gain weight, and eat only lactic acid food would cause uneven nutrition.


To eat cheese and bananas rather than any other food as three meals will make use of the live lactic acid bacteria in cheese and promote intestinal peristalsis, drain away toxins from the body, so as to improve the skin and eliminate the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Cheese contains rich calcium and healthy protein that are indispensable elements for dietary people.

Notice: Toxins from the body is not the cause for obesity, but too much fat. In addition, to eat only those two kinds of food is not a good way to provide the nutrients that are needed by the body, even worse, it might lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals, once picking up the past eating habits, your weight will naturally rise.


The spice in curry can promote fat burning, so eat curry rice a day will help burn fat and lose weight.

Notice: you’d better choose curry rice with vegetables and choose salad oil to replace edible oil; it can greatly reduce the calories and conductive to healthy weight loss.


Dilute 150 grams of honey with water, drink in multiple times within a day and persist on two days, no eating.

Notice: Due to that honey contains minerals, so a 2-days course will not be hazardous to the body, but remember do not surpass two days; otherwise it will lead to spiritual danger. You need to drink some porridge to slowly adapt and then return to your normal diet two days later.


As for the noodles containing large amount of carbohydrates, which can be converted into energy immediately after eating, and is hard to accumulate in the body, so that noodles is less prone to fat accumulation than bread and rice. Choose a meal only to eat noodles for a long-term, with regular exercise, it will effectively lose weight.

Notice: a bowl of 100 grams noodles has 330 calories, 100 grams instant noodles has more than 400 calories, if your cooking method uses a multi-flavors and too much oil, obviously it will increase the calories, so you should control it carefully. Also you should pay attention to the balance of nutrition, if you choose to eat noodles as lunch; your dinner menu should be balanced with nutrition.


This method only requires dieters to keep a daily calorie intake not more than 1600 kcal. Because dieting is able to let people depressed, if substitute 200 kcal of 1600 kcal with your favorite dessert, you can maintain the determination to lose weight.

Notice: Be careful to calculate daily calorie consumption and do not overtake.


If you want to slim, the basic condition is to eat three meals a day, but lots of people have no habit of eating breakfast or there is no time to eat breakfast because of getting up late. So none cooked cereal crisps would be your best choice. Cereal crisps contain rich fiber and minerals whose nutrients are more than one toast, it’s fully consistent with the principle of health.


The rice in a bowl of porridge is only half of the one in cooked rice, and rice after soaked in water will be expanded, to eat a bowl of porridge will give people a feeling of full stomach, while the calorie intake is only just a half of a bowl of cooked rice.

Notice: Porridge is easier to digest, so you will feel hungry soon after eating, people will be likely to lose will power and can not withstand the hungry feeling, so that they might probably eat lots of snacks to fill in the stomach, and thus it will easily gain weight.