Today’s bread I use rosemary, which is the vanilla that is full of Italian characteristic, and plus olive oil, it is surely an Italian gourmet that can’t be forgotten, and it has the function to help memorizing.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance, pray, love, remember.”—Shakespear, “Hamlet”

Rosemary origins from Mediterranean Coast, the fragrance of rosemary is dense and enduring, and can keep long green after picking. For thousands of years rosemary always symbolizes eternity and remembrance.

Rosemary bread


Fresh rosemary 8g
High protein flour 400g
Low protein flour 100g
Slat 7g
Sugar 30g
Yeast 6g
Olive oil 20g
Water 350g

1.Chop rosemary for using
2.Except olive oil, put all the other ingredients together into a container and stir into a dough with little stickiness
3.Detect whether the dough is tough and chewy, if okay, add olive oil
4.Knead dough to smooth and check the dough if it can drag out a transparent thin film
5.Round the dough, and put it into a deep pot, cover clean towel or plastic wrap on the surface, and place to warm space for fermenting about two sizes of the previous dough
6.Take out the dough and exhaust air, cut into 9 little doughs with 60g per one, and according to you own favorite, model the dough at random, cover clean towel or plastic wrap on the surface, and lay them to warm place for fermenting and expanding
7.Roll the remaining dough<about 360g>, sprinkle some flours in avoid of sticky, lay the dough with bottom up, cover clean towel or plastic wrap on the surface, and let them fermenting in warm place
8.Place a fresh rosemary on the bread rolls which is fermented
9.Preheat oven to 356F, bake the bread rolls for 20 minutes. To make European bread you need to preheat the stone with 480F, and then rotate the dough onto the stone, cut a cross on the top of the bread with a knife, and lay a fresh rosemary, bake 25 minutes under 419F