A Tangy Sugar-free Dessert

Dieticians have always laid stress of a sugar-free diet after a certain age. Children can surely have sugar candies and all sweet things but not adults. It has been proved that sugar causes various diseases like headaches, fatigues, mood swings, obesity and even cancer ...Read More

A taste that will linger in your mouth

Stay sugar-free! Stay healthy! This is the main secret of living healthy and disease-free. It is not only that a diabetic has to stay on a sugar-free diet. Sugar deposits in the body causes obesity, cardiac problems, depression, headaches and other ailments apart from ...Read More

Enjoy sumptuous sugar-free desserts

Sugar-free diet is recommended not only when you are a diabetic. Staying away from sugar helps you to stay healthier and fight innumerable diseases as well. Sugar adds extra fat to the body that cannot be digested well leading to obesity, mood swings, diabetes ...Read More


Boys and girls are suggested to make this fresh raspberry handmade semifreddo for your lovers! It is a color of happiness! And mums can make this semifreddo for their kids, really contains no addictive, healthy and bright-colored for kids. Ingredients: Raspberries 500g Sugar 120g ...Read More

Gluten-Free Pudding with Baked Apples and Pears

Gluten is a food protein that is found in certain grains like wheat, rye, barley and a few others. Individuals who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease must avoid foods that contain gluten as it damages the functioning system of the small intestine. The ...Read More

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

If you have any member of your family who is suffering from Celiac disease, then you must be careful when preparing all kinds of foods for them. There are certain ingredients like wheat flour, barley, rye and others that contain a form of protein ...Read More

Do you know how healthy Poached Pears are?

Fruits as we all know are the healthiest of foods that keep you strong, fit and free from various diseases. Most of us enjoy desserts nearly everyday after meals. But with what ingredients do you use to prepare them? If you have diabetic person ...Read More


This pie is filled with American style banana cream, although it could not be exquisite as the European recipes, but it stands out for its public flavor, which is hard to resist by all of us. Plus the pie is healthy for its filling. ...Read More


Souffle is a dessert especially suitable for girls. The mouthfeel of souffle is light like air that satisfies the desires girls for the dessert, but souffle will not let you cram, the sweetness to the point is just the reason why people will fall ...Read More