I’ve heard early about that the pistachio mousse is delicious with it’s mellowness, and I have tried to change almond powder into pistachio after first baking Dakota Welsh cake with almond powder. The cake is moisture and soft too, and the cake with almond powder hasn’t got a thick flavor of almond, but the cake with pistachio has an obvious pistachio flavor.

And I’ve also heard that pistachio matches cherry perfectly, because mousse is thick, the sour taste of cherry could moderate a part of thick savor. But it’s a pity that I got no cherry, so I’ve changed them into strawberries, fortunately the taste of mousse is so good, seriously.

Pistachio and strawberry mousse

Pistachio and strawberry mousse

For self-made pistachio puree:
Pistachios <Rub off the peels> 60g
Sugar 15g
Water 30ml

1.Add pistachios into a small pot, add water<extra>, boil for 15 minutes, get off the salty.<bake 3 minutes if you use unsalted pistachios that are prepared just for baking>
2.Pull out them and wash with cold water, peel off the tawny thin peels<the color would be more beautiful if you peel them off, but if you are unwilling to peel them off, it’s okay>
3.Mash the pistachios with a juicer
4.Put all ingredients into a small pot, heat with gentle fire, stir them with a wooden shovel, in order to evaporate water, remove the fire until the pistachio puree becomes paste<add or minimize time according to your own need>
5.Put the mixture into a container, refrigerate for 3-4 days, freeze it would be okay, unfreeze it under room temperature when in need of

For free of oil biscuit base:
Egg whites 100g + sugar 60g
Egg yolks 60g + sugar 40g
Low protein flour 100g

1.Sift the low protein flour, cover the ovenware with a silver paper, install a round tube into the pastry bag
2.Whip egg whites and sugar until 90% done, beat egg yolks and sugar to a pale color and bulkiness
3.Mix a little meringue with egg yolks, add low protein flour and stirring quickly until the dry flour is disappeared, add the rest meringue, mix fast
4.Pour them into the pastry bag, squeeze out horizontal lines on the silver paper obliquely
5.Put the ovenware into oven, 390F, bake for 7 minutes or so
6.Let cool, cut into two mould size pieces, lay one on the bottom of the mould, the other standby

For the pistachio cheese mousse:< 20x12x6cm>
Pistachio puree 60g
Fresh cream 100g
Cream cheese 100g
Sugar 40g
Pinch strawberries

1.Install a round tube into the pastry bag
2.Soften the cream cheese with oven, stir until it’s fine and smooth, add sugar,mix
3.Add fresh cream, pistachio puree successively, each time mix well, and add the next, mix well again
4.Put it into a pastry bag, squeeze out onto the mould that has layed a biscuit base, cover it with strawberries when a half of the mixture is squeezed out, and finish the rest half
5.Refrigerate for 1-2 hours, then demould

Because I add pistachio puree, the mousse becomes very dense and mellow, so it can be well clotted even adding no gelatin. Eat them after refrigerating for several hours, you will find that the pistachio and cheese are perfectly mixed!