The yogurt cheese mousse today is a little special mousse, because I don’t mix the yogurt and cheese directly, but actually they are dual flavor mousse that are composed by yogurt mousse and cheese mousse.

Yogurt and cheese have their unique sour taste, however, if mix them directly, the refreshing of yogurt would be totally covered by the dense cheese. So, I separate them respectively and develop dual mousse, it not only reserves their respective characteristics, but also has increased levels of taste, with pinch lemon juice, together takes shape of a peculiar fresh and sour taste.

So, you may have a knowledge that today’s mousse is a little more difficult than the common mousse for we have certainly made two mousses. However, the pain is insignificant comparing to the delicacy.

Yogurt cheese mousse

< for a 6 inch round mould>

Yogurt cheese mousse

Yogurt cheese mousse

For the cheese mousse filling: 100gr cheese, 30gr caster sugar, 1gr salt, 1/8 teaspoon lemon peels<0.625ml>, 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract<0.625ml>, 12 lemon juice, 2.5gr gelatin, 20gr cold water, 100ml whipping cream

For the yogurt mousse filling:120gr original yogurt< sugary>, 20gr powdered sugar, 12gr lemon juice, 5gr gelatin, 35gr cold water, 100ml whipping cream

For the mousse base: a 6 inch chiffon cake or sponge cake

<Make a 6 inch chiffon or sponge cake ahead of time and cut a slice for reserving>
1.Break the 2.5gr gelatin and 5gr gelatin into segments, soak 2.5gr gelatin in 20gr cold water and 5gr gelatin in 35gr cold water
2.Whip 200ml whipping cream to a foam, which means the cream turn into thick with patterns.<The two kinds of mousse filling need respectively 100ml whipping cream, here we have them all in one time>. Put the well-whipped whipping cream into the fridge and keep it in cold storage
3.Soften the cheese under room temperature, add caster sugar, whip it until it’s smooth and has particle. Then add lemon peels, lemon juice, vanilla extract, salt, keep whipping with an egg-beater
4.Warm up and stir the first gelatin<2.5gr soaked in 20gr cold water> over hot water, until the gelatin is melted and becomes liquid. Add the gelatin liquid into the cheese paste, mix well
5.Pour a half whipping cream of step 2 into cheese paste, stir well. There we have the cheese mousse filling
6.Lay a slice of chiffon or sponge cake under the 6 inch movable mould, pour the cheese mousse filling
7.Flat the surface of mousse, shake the mould two times to let the big bubbles in filling come out. Put the mould into the fridge for freezing
8.Yogurt, powdered sugar into a bowl, mix well until the powdered sugar is melted into the yogurt
9.Add lemon juice, stir
10.Warm up and stir the second gelatin<5gr soaked in 35gr cold water> over hot water, until the gelatin is melted and becomes liquid. Add gelatin liquid into the yogurt paste and mix well. Put the dilute yogurt paste into the fridge, refrigerate for a moment until the yogurt paste has a stiffness
11.Add the rest whipping cream into yogurt paste
12.Mix well, and there you have the yogurt mousse filling
13.Take out the frozen cheese mousse filling, pour yogurt mousse filling on the cheese mousse filling, flat the yogurt mousse filling
14.Put the mould into the refrigerator, keep in cold storage for more than 4 hours. Use a hot towel to wrap the mould for a while and demould easily