Delicious vanilla jelly with mixed fruit compote

Let’s face it, we all love a dessert but the problem is that many of them seem to contain ridiculous amounts of calories as they’re often so heavily laden with cream, butter, oils, sugar, chocolate, fats, and other delicious but calorific ingredients that cause us to gain weight just by looking at them. If you’re a dessert lover but are watching what you eat then fear not however, because there are a number of delicious and healthy desserts out there for you to try for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Take these delicious vanilla flavoured jellies with a mixed fruit compote for instance, quick, simple, and full of nutrients and flavour. Here’s what you need


-600ml low fat milk
-4 sheets of gelatine
-2 vanilla pods or 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
-100g fresh raspberries
-250g apricots
-150g blackberries
-4 tablespoons of fresh apple juice
-50 grams of caster sugar, plus 2 to make the compote

Delicious vanilla jelly with mixed fruit compote

Delicious vanilla jelly with mixed fruit compote


1.Begin by covering the gelatine sheets in cold water and soaking them for around 10 minutes.

2.In a pan gently bring the milk and 50 grams of caster sugar to a boil, stirring constantly to ensure all the sugar has dissolved.

3.Remove from the heat, allow to cool for a minute or two, then split the vanilla pods, and scrape in all of the seeds. Alternatively add the vanilla essence.

4.Remove the gelatine sheets from the cold water, squeeze to remove any excess liquid, and then drop the sheets into the vanilla milk mixture and stir until they have fully dissolved.

5.Pour the jelly mixture into 4 x moulds, ramekins or tea cups, allow then to cool and then place them into a fridge for at least three hours.

6.To make the mixed fruit compote, stone and halve the apricots, and then cut each half into a quarter. Place the apricots into a pan with the apple juice and sugar, and gently heat for around 6 minutes until they begin to soften. Turn the heat to the lowest setting and add the raspberries and blackberries, gently stirring for a further 2 minutes.

7.Remove from the heat and set the compote aside for around 15 minutes to cool. Alternatively you can leave in the fridge to use as and when required.

Remove the jellies from the fridge, turn out onto four decorative plates, and then generously spoon the compote around the edge and serve.