I love cherries not only for its taste, but also for its charming and nice appearance, cherry must be one of the best looking fruits.

People will express their love towards cherry with their own ways, those who love desserts may use the way of making cherries to be a dessert as different methods.

Cherry mousse

Cherry mousse<For a 6 inch round mousse>

For the crisp sponge cake:
Egg 1
Caster sugar 10g<add in egg yolk>
Caster sugar 15g<add in egg white>
Low protein flour 35g

1.Whip egg white to a foam, add 15g caster sugar, keep whipping until it’s stiff
2.Add 10g caster sugar in egg yolk
3.Whip egg yolk until it’s dense and thick with a pale color
4.Add a half of sifted low protein flour, mix well, do NOT swirl. Then add the rest half, mix
5.Put the mixture into a pastry bag, squeeze out two round paste that is smaller than 6 inch mould on diameter, put them into the preheated 374F oven at middle level, bake for 10 minutes until the surface is golden and brown, take them out and let cool

For the cherry mousse filling:
Cherries 150g
Whipping cream 150g
Cold water 80g
Lemon juice 10g
Caster sugar 60g
Gelatin 1.5pcs
Pinch cherries

1.Remove the stones of the cherries, weight. Add 40g cold water in cherries, and then add caster sugar, put them all into the food processor and mash
2.Add lemon juice in cherry puree and mix well
3.Break the gelatin into segments, soak for 5 minutes with the rest 40g cold water, until the gelatin is soft and full of water. Heat them over water until it turns into liquid. Add the liquid into cherry puree, mix
4.Divide the cherry puree into two shares with one share of 35g. Put the other share into the fridge for cold storage until it’s stick
5.Whip the whipping cream to a foam with lines
6.Pour the cherry puree into the whipping cream
7.Mix with a knife
8.Lay a crisp sponge cake on the bottom of the 6 inch mould. Pour a half of the mousse
9.Cover another sponge cake
10.Pour the rest mousse in
11.Flat the mousse, put it into the fridge, refrigerate for over 5 hours or overnight, until the mousse filling is utterly clotting. Demould with a hair drier
12.Take out the 35g cherry puree and heat it over water, until it’s dense, add it on the top of the mousse, finally decorate the mousse with some cherries