Mango mascarpone mousse cake

Mango mascarpone mousse cake

In India, mango is not just only a sort of fruit, but it has a good name of “Love fruit”. All the desserts which contain mango are full of love.

So to make a mousse cake with mango to our families and beloved ones is very nice. And this cake of mango mascarpone mousse cake is just made for my sister who is always full of passion towards life, and mango is passionate too, and I think she will like it very much!

For the sponge cake: cut the previously well-baked cake into two slice, the bottom cake is 8mm, and the second thinner and smaller. <a square mould with 18cm used for a 8 inch mousse ring, and a 8 inch movable round mould >

For the mango mousse:<used for two moulds, one mould uses dosages by half >
30-40 “mango roses”, 250gr mango cubes, 300gr mango mashes<prepare 6 big mangoes>, 40gr orange juice, 40gr caster sugar,10gr gelatin, 100gr milk, 200gr light cream

1.Peel off the mangoes, cut in half, stones removed, cut the pulps into thin and long strips, roll them into a rose shape for about 30-40, keep for cold storage
2.Cut mangoes into cubes with 12mm for 250gr, keep for cold storage
3.Mash 300gr mango cubes, add orange juice into the mash, filter
4.Soak the gelatin, melt it over hot water
5.Mango mashes, orange juice, caster sugar into a pan, stir and boil, add melted gelatin, mix well, then add milk, stir, cool down
6.Whip light cream until 80% down, add it into mixture of step 5, mix well
7.Take out moulds, lay the bottom cake onto the mould, pour the mango mousse, and then cover the mousse with mango cubes, keep in cold storage for more than half an hour

For the mascarpone mousse:<used for two moulds, one mould uses dosages by half >
300gr mascarpone, 3 egg yolks, 30gr caster sugar, 1 egg white, 40gr caster sugar, 13gr water, 30ml coffee wine, 150gr light cream, 10gr gelatin

8.Soften mascarpone and soak gelatin, melt them over hot water
9.Whip egg yolk and sugar to a pale color over hot water, add gelatin and mix well, after cooling, stir in mascarpone
10.Boil caster sugar and water to 244.4F, slowly pour the well-whipped egg white into it and turns it into meringue, stir in mascarpone after cooling
11.Add 60% whipped light cream and coffee wine, mix well
12.Take out the mango mousse, cover another cake slice<as thin as possible> and pour in mascarpone, refrigerate for more than half and hour

For the top mango jelly:<used for two moulds, one mould uses dosages by half >
140gr mango mashes, 140gr water, 40gr caster sugar, 5g gelatin

13.Mash the mango cubes and filter
14.Soak the gelatin over hot water
15.Mango mashes, water and caster sugar into a pan, stir and bring to boil, add melted gelatin, mix well, cool down
16.Take out mascarpone mousse, pour in mango jelly, refrigerate for more than 4 hours
17.Take out mousse cake, put it onto a smaller cup, blow the mould with a hair drier, demould gently
18.Lay the “mango roses” onto it, squeeze out light cream