Celiac disease demands that patients suffering from this metabolism problem should avoid ingredients that contain gluten in them like wheat, barley, rye etc. The fact is that almost all desserts and favorite foods contain wheat products like flour etc and so the sufferer has to avoid all delicacies like desserts and other delicacies. But you must be delighted to know that eliminating gluten from your diet chart does not mean that you have to sacrifice all delicacies and yummy desserts.

Today, you will get various types of gluten-free ingredients like coconut flour, almond-flour etc that you can use to make your favorite desserts and other items. Here is a refreshing appetizer that will make you really happy with what you have cooked.

Lemon Cucumber and Fresh Pea Soup

Lemon Cucumber and Fresh Pea Soup:


1-cup fresh peas. You can use frozen peas but not the canned ones.
4 lemon cucumbers or 1 regular cucumber.
Vegetable stock.
Pomegranate seeds or pea shoots (optional).


• Take a large pot and boil enough water and blanch the fresh peas for 8 minutes until tender.
• Drain out the water and pour them in a bowl of ice-cold water to prevent further cooking and making them extra soft.
• Once the peas become absolutely cold drain out all the water.
• Now peel the cucumbers and remove the seeds if they are the regular fresh ones bought from the stores.
• In a food processor combine the peas and cucumber to make a smooth puree.
• If required add water to make the puree smooth apart from the water already present in the cucumbers.
• You can add vegetable stock also to prepare the puree.
• Add required amount of salt to taste and freshly grounded pepper.
• You can add the pepper even before serving.
• Refrigerate and serve cool.
Your refreshing and healthy soup is ready to serve. For the topping you can use pomegranate seeds or toasted nuts or pumpkin seeds to give it a crunch. This soup does not contain any kind of gluten and can be served anytime to anyone to freshen up the mind. Both peas and cumber are greens that are useful for every individual whether you are a diabetic, celiac or obese. Actually gluten is a protein that is not digested by some people and causes various internal damages. So even if you are fond of cakes and bread go for the gluten-free ones to stay healthy and safe.