Comparing with the common crackers, sandwich cracker might be a lot of difficult to make, but its abundant and muti-level mouthfeel would deserve our painstaking efforts.

Every biscuit is living with life to us who love baking. Isn’t it? What we input is energies, but the output we gain is irreplaceable satisfaction and happiness. Just as this sandwich cracker, what is delicious is not just the sandwich, but the heart to care that’s behind.


Chocolate sandwich crackers


For the crackers:
butter 100g
Egg whites 40g
Low protein flour 70g
Powdered sugar 80g

1.Soften the butter under room temperature, stir in powdered sugar and add egg whites, mix well
2.Stirring until the butter is dense and find<do not whip the butter to a foam>
3.Add sifted flour into the butter paste
4.Keep stirring until the butter paste turns into biscuit paste
5.Pour the biscuit paste into the pastry bag, squeeze out round paste on the ovenware with a medium size round tube, make sure space is enough between two round pastes
6.Heat oven to 320F, and put the ovenware into the oven, bake for 15 minutes until the edges are all golden and brown
7.Using a suitable size round cutting die to cut off the extra edges and trim them into neat round shapes

For the chocolate sandwich:
Dark chocolate 100g
Butter 20g

8.Cut dark chocolate and butter into cubes, put them into a bowl, and heat the bowl over hot water, and keep stirring the mixture in the bowl. Until dark chocolate and cutter are utterly melted. Prepare a 8 inch ovenware, cover it with baking paper, and pour the melted chocolate into the ovenware
9.Flat the chocolate mixture with a knife
10.After the chocolate is freezing, cut the chocolate with a same sized round cutting die
11.Take out two round biscuits and fill in it with a piece of chocolate


1.Make sure to leave space between two round pastes when squeezing out the pastes, in avoid of sticking to each other
2.Make sure to cut out neat round pastes when the biscuits are hot, it would become crispy after cooling, and cutting them would become difficult for the biscuits would crack
3.There exists some certain of stickiness after the chocolate sandwich is freezing, so do not touch the chocolate sandwich with your hands or it would melt in your hands, if room temperature is low and the chocolate sandwich is core, which make it not easy to sick to the biscuits, you can heat them in the ovenware, and then fill in the sandwich, the chocolate sandwich will stick to the biscuits firmly
4.Do not eat immediately or it would taste greasy. Place them overnight for a better mouthfeel