The dietary banana pancake is just for those dieters who are in hunger after a lot of exercises and ready to eat. With no flour and no oil, it is a best diet recipe to follow if you want to be your own nutritionist.

It is easier said than done. But for dieters, it is not enough only to go gyms, but a nutritionist is a essential. So, it would be not included in your budget to employ a nutritionist, what is to be done? I suggest that you can be the nutritionist yourself. Control your diet is difficult, but believe me, if you search for the dietary recipe yourself and follow the recipe and make the food yourself, you will have a lot of fun during the course. And to some extent you will find that you are so satisfied with the happy course that almost surpasses the satisfaction that foods bring to you! All in all, be your own nutritionist can help keeping your a good shape if you continue to do, but not wait.

The pancake is made up of bananas and eggs, no flour is in there. The recipe takes reference of Cassey, who is a gym guru on youtube. I used non-stick pan, so it was easy to rotate when frying, but remember to rotate in time for it is much easier to overcook with no oil. In order to make a dietary banana pancake, I did not add oil which would make the pancake greasy. The pancake is sweet and has an special flavor, people who want to keep fit better have a try!

Banana pancake

Banana pancake

Ingredients: 1 banana, 2 eggs

1.Press banana into paste, add beaten eggs, and mix well
2.Pour it into the non-stick pan with medium fire, fry until one side is well shaped, 1 minute would be okay. It’s a little difficult to rotate, better fast with no hesitation, or the shape would be not good. After rotating, keep frying for 1 minute, until both sides turn into golden and brown

Two procedures you have finished your dietary banana pancake. Enjoy your pancake with no concern about the calories! Low fat and great flavor is what it offers.