Pistachio Macarons_Bake French Macarons to be like in Paris

Pistachio Macarons_Bake

Pistachio Macarons_Bake


When it comes to Paris, the exact thing that hangs over my mind is the French dessert. And Macarons, might be one of the most fascinating desserts I’ve ever known. I was told by a french that Macarons became poplular for more or less 10 years ago, the reason he explained was because Marcarons wasn’t that formal, but a snack followed with coffee or a cup of tea. I soon understood that why people said there was always a place in french people’s stomachs for desserts! Cuz’ they would never be stuffed with some small Macarons that had less sugar!

But I bet Macarons are really precious and delicious people favored. In french Macarons means “A maid’s breast”, and rumor has it that Macarons were once an ordinary Italian almond cookies, a Queen from the Medici Family of Florence got married to the French King, and brought a pastry chef who especially made these cookies for his Queen. After that the french added filling between two cookies and dyed them with different ice-cream colors.

The best-known dessert shop in France is Laduree. Laduree has many stores in Paris, the main selling of them are Macarons, and several other desserts. I fortunately ate Macarsons that came from Laduree. Different favor brought me different taste and surprise. Cute! Soft! Sweet! I was enjoying every bite of them!

Followed my taste bud I decided to bake Macarons myself. I took courses provided by a french pastry chef teacher, and even he couldn’t promise that he would bake Macarons successfully all the times! The key is patience and endurance! As we know that the factors that affect cook of Macarons include temperature, TandH, power to stir and time, something like that. So before the cook, make sure everything you need is ready!

Pistachio Macarons filling:
Ingredients: 300gr white chocolate, 300gr light cream, 50gr pistachio jam
1, cut the white chocolate into something like powder
2, stir the light cream and pistachio jam together and boil it with slow fire
3, pour the mixture into the white chocolate dish with three times, stir it after each pouring
4, add some green or yellow eatable toner to dye it with color
5, refrigerate it for 2hrs

Note: according to your own favor add more 15gr pistachio jam or less pistachio essence, which will give you a fuller taste.

After the filling are ready, make sure they are clotted, and if the filling are too watery, add 2-4gr soaked gelatin.

Pistachio Macarons shells:
Ingredients: 200gr powdered sugar, 200gr almond powder, 5ml water, 200gr sugar, 75gr x2 egg white, half teaspoon dried egg white, appropriate yellow eatable toner
1, mix the almond powder and powdered sugar together and smash them
2, sifted
3, add 200gr sugar and 50ml water into a little boiler, warm to 237 degrees, and add the first 75gr egg white and half dried egg white into a dish and whip them to a foam, and then pour the 244 degrees syrup into the dish
4, whip while pouring, until it’s sticky and shinning
5, mix the yellow eatable toner into the meringue
6, add another 75gr egg white into step 2, and stir it into moisture
7, put the meringue of step 5 into step 6 for 3 or 4 times, until it’s sticky and thick
8, preheat the oven to 338 degrees
9, pour the paste of step 7 into the pastry bags and squeeze out balls.
10, put the bakeware to the lower levels of the oven, bake 10-12mins

1,press a little hard in the middle of the two cookies with your thumb
2,put the filling into pastry bag, and draw a circle on one cookie, lightly cover the other cookie

Note: If you want a better favor, make sure to set aside overnight.