Tiramisu is a world popularity of Italian dessert. Legends about tiramisu I’ve heard have a lot of versions like world war two soldiers eat to go to the front, prostitutes use to add to the fun…

But tiramisu is a kind of simple dessert, and it needs not baking, only piling up the Lady finger, mascarpone, cheese and egg wash, all kinds of seasonal fruits, it turns out to be a nice and beautiful dessert after dinner. I seldom make tiramisu into a big cake, for one reason, can not eat up; for the other reason, generally desserts which contain raw eggs can’t be stored over 24 hours, avoid in danger of food poisoning.

This time in tiramisu I add some blackberries and raspberries, dotting with chocolate, sour and sweet berries melt into the dense and smooth cheese, amazingly tasty!

Blackberries&raspberries tiramisu

Blackberries&raspberries tiramisu

Ingredients: 250gr fine quality mascarpone, 2 eggs, 24 blocks of Lady finger, 125gr raspberries, 125gr blackberries, 20gr caster sugar, 40gr dark chocolate with 80% cocoa content, a cup of espresso, 2 tablespoon of marsala
1.Separate the egg white and egg yolk. Put egg yolk into a big bowl, add sugar, whip it until it turns thick, add mascarpone, keep whipping until cheese&egg wash is dense
2.Whip the egg white to a foam, gently add egg white into the cheese&egg wash, stir well, then add 1 tablespoon marsala, put it into the freezer
3.Cut dark chocolate into cube or particle, wash the blackberries and raspberries clean. Mix the espresso and the left 1 tablespoon marsala well
4.Take out four glasses, immense the Lady finger into the coffee wine quickly, put 3 Lady finger into each glasses, cover them with blackberries and raspberries, spread chocolate particles, and then pour into a half cheese&egg wash, and then put another 3 Lady finger on it, and blackberries and raspberries, and chocolate, and pour the cheese&egg wash, at last dot each glass with chocolate particles and raspberries, freeze at least 2 hours

The most important factor to determine tiramisu’s success or failure lies in the quality of mascarpone cheese, fresh mascarpone is very soft to eat and has a very short time to store. The mascarpone I used is from cheese shop, fresh to use in tiramisu or replace cream when cooking.

A lot of friends ask me why I have so much passion in making desserts? Why not directly go shopping some desserts that you like? I think that I am not only feed myself with the desire of eating dessert, but that I like baking myself, especially when I’m low! Making desserts fulfills my colorful dream in my childhood when there are less “luxury”desserts to eat for every kid in a family. And when I’ve grown up, I have a wish to perfect what I am lost in my childhood! The simple happiness to get a chocolate, a biscuit or a piece of cake!