Baking a banana and avocado cake can be rather tricky. Many things can go wrong. The cake can turn out dry, crack, fall apart or even stick on the pan. To avoid such eventualities, ensure you mix the cake ingredients well and do not open the oven during the baking process. This could cause the temperatures in the oven to fall and damage the cake. Remember, you are mixing different ingredients, including fruits, and some of them cannot get along well unless you stir them using a high-speed mixer. Therefore, when they get the chance to fall apart, they will do just that.

The temperatures in the oven as you bake the banana and avocado cake often play a significant role in determining whether the ingredients will continue to meld until your cake is ready. Therefore checking your cake every five minutes might not do. In short, follow all the instructions of baking such a cake carefully; only modify them when you are sure about it. Otherwise, your cake will fall on your face and you will have wasted precious time and ingredients.

Bananas and avocadoes are cheap and common in many households. These fruits have many health benefits, which you can utilize. However, when you store the fruits for long, they darken and rot. Therefore, what do you do with them? The only common option is to throw them away. However, do you know you can use them to make quite a nutrition cake fit for any occasion including birthday or even wedding? Making banana and avocado cake is not difficult.

All you will need is to understand how to go about it. You will need to know the ingredients that will make your baking a success then modify them along the way. However, be very careful when doing this. The best thing about such a cake is that there is no standard formula for baking it. You can add other ingredients you deem appropriate and see how tasty your cake can be.

• 2 cups sifted flour
• ¼ cup of honey
• 1 pack of Vanilla,
• 5 average sized bananas
• ¼ kg fine butter
• 2 ripe avocados
• 1 glass of milk
• 1 effervescent powder pack
• 2eggs you have beaten to a paste
• ½ cup of fine caster sugar

Method to apply
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Allow the eggs to get to room temperature for a while. This would enable them retain their natural form

Get a large clean bowl and beat sugar, honey and butter together to form a thick paste

While you are still stirring sugar, honey and butter, crack the two eggs and beat the mixture at high speed with a mixture. Ensure this mixture melds.

Use a different bowl to sift effervescent powder and flour together. This will get rid of any large particles that would make your cake to crack and fall apart during the baking process.

Pour some baking soda or powder into a cup containing milk and beat them together until they meld and are yet sticky. Sodium bicarbonate and baking powder contain alkaline properties and can neutralize the acidity in the other ingredients you use to bake banana and avocado cake. This is quite beneficial to your health and can raise your pH level. However, avoid overusing them

Pour the well-melded liquid of baking soda/powder and milk, vanilla pack, effervescent powder and flour mixture into the egg-containing bowl while continuing to stir. Ensure everything joins and blend well

Smash the pealed avocados and bananas with a mixer or fork then add this mixture into the bowl containing your previous ingredients.

Slightly cover and grease with flour the cakes interior side. Get your oven ready to bake at 180 C and pour the mixture into your cake mold. Keep the mold into the oven for about 50-60 minutes.

About 50 minutes through the baking process, you can find out whether the whole process is okay by poking the cake with a toothpick. If the cake is not ready, give it a few more minutes. Ensure you bake the cake well before taking it off

Allow the cake to cool in a mold for a while
There you have your banana and avocado cake. Due to the fruits you have incorporated in this cake, you will have quite a healthy diet. Bananas contain high levels of potassium and this can lower blood pressure. This in turn minimizes risk of stroke, heart attack and even atherosclerosis. In addition, bananas prevent bone weakening, cancer, and rugged gut.

On the other hand avocados inhibit growth of prostate cancer, offer oral cancer defense, prevent breast cancer, lower cholesterol level, prevents some eye diseases, promote heart health, as well as prevent stroke. Honey’s benefits are numerous too.

Once your banana and avocado cake is ready, do not forget to add decorations to it. You can add some piped icing or just a happy birthday tag if you have baked it for a special occasion.


Causes of common cake baking problems that you should avoid

This can be due to over-beating egg whites, using excess flour baking soda or powder. The atter inability to blend well with the other cake ingredients can also cause this.

This often occurs when you over mix the batter as you add liquid and flour. Baking in an oven whose temperature is too low can cause this.

The cake normally falls due to oven temperature being too low or you did not give the cake enough time to bake. Too much baking soda, powder sugar or liquid usage can also cause this. To avoid such scenario, ensure you measure your cake ingredients accurately and do not open the oven door while baking

This often occurs because you did not mix the batter well. Moreover, low temperatures in the oven can cause this. Preheat your oven to appropriate temperatures before you can start baking any cake, including banana and avocado cake.