The number of people who would like to add in coffee when making deserts is quite a lot, such as coffee cookie, coffee cream filling, coffee cake,etc. So, this coffe caramel cheese cake is just hot out from the bakery! I use sponge cake which is integrated with coffee flavor as the cake base, not onnly the coffee flavor, but also the caramel sweetness in cheese cake base are delicious! Let alone the crystal coffee jelly on the top. Quite a temptation for most dessert lovers.


Coffee caramel cheese cake


For the coffee sponge cake:
Eggs: 2
Caster sugar: 60g
Low protein flour: 60g
Melted butter: 20g
Coffee powders: 2.3g
Hot water: 5ml

1. Mix coffee powders with 1 teaspoon hot water
2. Beat eggs into the bowl, set bowl over hot water of 140F, Beat eggs with an egg beater
3. Pour in all the caster sugar
4. Whip the eggs with a high speed, when the temperature of the eggs is up to 100.4F-104F, you can take the egg bowl out of the hot water
5. Whip until dense and milky
6. Sift flour into the well beaten eggs
7. Scrape the flour and egg mixture from bottom to tup
8. Stir in melted butter for several times with little amount a time and scrape into the mixture
9. Pour in the coffee of step 2, mix well
10. Pour the paste into the 6 inch cake mold, flat the surface and put into the preheated 356F oven and bake for 25 minutes in the middle level, until golden and brown
11. Let cool and demould. Cut the cake into 2 or 3 slices<We need only one slice, the remaining can be directly frrozen>

For the caramel cheese cake:
Cream cheese: 227g
Cream caramel jam: 60g
Whipping cream: 100g
Lemon juice: 5ml
Yogurt: 60ml
Coffee powders: 2g
Hot water: 5ml+15ml
Gelatin: 1.5 pieces

1. Soak the gelatin with cold water, melt coffee powder with hot water, soften cream cheese under room temperature and whip it until smoonth and fine
2. Stir in cream cheese with coffee, lemon juice, yogurt, cream caramel jam, whisk well
3. Put gelatin into a small bowl, add in a tablespoon hot water< or cold water>, mix them over hot water until totally melt, and pour the gelatin liquid into the cheese paste, mix well
4. Whip the whipping cream to a state of line presenting
5. Combine the whipped cream and cheese paste, scrape into a cheese cake paste
6. Lay the sponge cake on the bottom of the mold, and pour over all the cheese cake paste

7. Flat the surface, and keep it for cold storage until freezing on the surface, it needs about 1-2 hours

For the coffee jelly:
Coffee powders: 2g
Hot water: 150g

Sugar: 20g
Gelatin: 1 piece

1. Soak the gelatin, melt coffee with hot water and add in sugar, gelatin and mix.
2. Let cool of the coffee liquid to the room temperature, unfreezing. Pour the coffee liquid into the surface of the condensed cheese cake
3.Freeze for 4 hours in the fridge until coffee jelly presents. Demould with the help of a hot towl