Strawberry has a high health value which is rich in vitamin C and carotene, it helps digestion, improve eyesight, nourish liver and invigorate stomach. The nutrition elements of strawberry is easy to be absorbed by human bodies so that it won’t happen to get a cold or get inflamed by eating a lot.


Strawberry coffee cake rolls



Eggs 4 <separate them>
Caster sugar 70g <20g in egg yolks + 50g in egg whites>
Milk 30g
Vegetable oil 50g
Low protein flour 90g
Corn starch 10g
Coffee powder 10g + hot water 50g
Salt pinch
White vinegar few droplets
Strawberry jam 50g


1.Pour the cake paste into the ovenware <cover a oil paper on the ovenware>
2.Heat oven to 347F for 5 minutes
3.Put the ovenware into the reciprocal second level
4.Reduce heat to 302F, bake for 55-60 minutes <insert a toothpick and draw out, see if there were residues on the toothpick; the cake is flexible and has no rustle or fingerprints by slapping with your hands>

Heat oven to 356F and bake for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 302F and bake for another 10 minutes, observe the color of the surface


1.Mingle 10g coffee powder with 50g hot water
2.To make egg yolk paste:
1) mix vegetable oil with milk
2) stir in coffee liquid, add egg yolks per several times, each time mix well
3) sift low protein powder and pinch of salt
3.To make meringue:
1) add few droplets of white vinegar in egg whites, add caster sugar per 3 times, whip egg whites to a foam, add corn starch in the meringue when adding caster sugar the second time
2) pour 1/3 egg whites into the egg yolk paste, scrape with a knife, and add the rest egg whites into the egg yolk paste, keep scraping
3) pour the egg paste into the ovenware, shake it a few times to let go of the big bubbles
4.Follow the step of Baking
5.Back off the cake on the grill, let cool<notice not be too cold>, then back off the cake on another oil paper
6.Throw off the oil paper on the cake and prepare to make cake roll
1) take out a rolling pin, wind one end of the oil paper on the rolling pin. When the oil paper is rolling back with the rolling pin, using your hand to push forward the cake
2) wrap the cake roll with oil paper
3) twist the two ends of the oil paper into a candy shape, put the cake roll into the refrigerator for cold storage about 15 minutes, in order to take shape, then tear apart the oil paper
7.Refrigerate the cake roll for approximately half an hour and dish up


1.Egg white is easy to whip under 68F, however, whip egg white is easier than whip whole egg, so it is easy to whip under cold storage condition, furthermore, low temperature is helpful to the stability of the bubbles, so there is no need to return egg to room temperature
2.When putting the egg paste into the ovenware, make sure to flat the egg paste evenly
3.Trim before rolling or trim after rolling? I suggest green hands first cut off the two ends and trim before rolling. The reason lies in that if you trim after rolling, the hard edges would crack and thus affect the inner cake
4.Heat a knife on the fire, and quickly cut cake roll into slices