Today’s recipe I’ve taken reference of a Japanese dessert chef by whom he writes a new way to make chocolate mille feuilles for everything combined is a new experience for me and which makes me so excited. The chocolate mille feuilles are very crisp with a little salty flavor like soda biscuits.

Chocolate mille feuilles

For the chocolate mille feuilles:

A.Unsalted butter 40g
Cocoa powder 90g
High protein flour 20g
B.Salt 15g
High protein flour 500g
White vinegar 5ml
Cold water 210ml
Unsalted butter 230g

1.Soften the butter of B, and mix all the ingredients of B, knead dough
2.Mix all the ingredients of A, and put mixture B and A into freezer for cold storage with 15 minutes
3.Package mixture of step 2 with mixture of step 1
4.Sprinkle some flour on the kitchen counter, roll the mixture of step 3 flat
5.Fold three times of the dough and refrigerate for 15 minutes, then fold four times and refrigerate for 15 minutes, and fold three times again
6.Roll the dough evenly to 2mm thick. After 10 minutes’ standing into oven under 392F for 20 minutes
7.Let cool. Cut into suitable size. Mine is 4cmx8cm. And the baking paper I used is made by myself. Draw slashes with a distance of 1cm from a corner of the paper, and draw the same slashes from another corner, and cut off the parts of diamond, and keep the cross parts, and cover it on the mille feuilles, and sprinkle with sugar powder, and that’s it

For the milk egg paste:

Milk 500ml
Egg yolks 6
Caster sugar 120g
Corn starch 40g
Pinch orange flesh

1.boil milk and let cool to 140F, add sugar ane egg yolk, mix well
2.Add corn starch, mix
3.Put it into a pan, stir with a gentle fire
4.Remove the heat until the mixture turns into sticky, cover it with a wet towel and refrigerate for half an hour
5.Add orange flesh after taking out from the fridge
6.Mix orange flesh with egg wash, and fill in the mille feuilles, finally sprinkle sugar powder